The ever popular video game franchise of Angry Birds (made by Finnish game developer Rovio Entertainment) continues to “WOW!” people through its simplistic yet highly addictive gameplay. The objective of the game is simple: throw birds using a giant slingshot to try and take down the green pigs. Little that people know, we can actually learn a lot of things from flinging these colorful birds, especially when it comes to generating quality b2b leads.

A lot of us might think that it is just an ordinary game that is meant for us to waste time. However, if you look deep into it, you can actually learn a thing or two about b2b leads acquisition by analyzing how the different birds smashes through obstacles.


With different types of angry birds come varying procedures to get more b2b leads. Read on to know how each bird can help you with business-to-business lead generation and appointment setting.

  • The red bird. More commonly known as simply ‘Red,’ it is the standard arsenal of birds in the game. You even start out with this type of bird. While it has no special powers, it can still do pretty decent damage onto your targeted obstructions to get to the pigs.

    Studying the red bird from the game, you can get b2b leads by simply being direct with your proposal. If you are targeting decision makers, know that they do not like to be kept waiting. As such, it is better to say the purpose of your proposal immediately rather than beating around the bush.

  • The blue birds. Also known as ‘The Blues,’ is a special bird that splits into three with a push of a button (or tapping the screen depending on what device you are playing it on). Although these guys have considerably low power as compared to the red bird, you can hit a fair wider array of targets if you split them apart at the right moment.

    The blue birds teaches you that you alone might not be able to go through obstacles with your b2b leads acquisition. It takes the effort of a team to reach your target audiences. From marketing specialist, to the data expert, down to the marketers themselves, this marketing campaign is a joint effort.

  • The yellow bird. People might not know it but this bird has a name – Chuck. Chuck, when flung from the slingshot, gains zooms across the screen after lift off. This allows you to get through multiple layers of obstructions with a piercing effect.

    If Chuck can pierce through pieces of wood and blocks of ice, you can pierce through the competition by acquiring speed for your b2b leads generation campaign. This trait is important as being slow can cost you the leads and appointments you so dream about. Therefore, it is important to employ hasty marketing mediums (i.e cold calling, telemarketing) to get in touch with your target markets before your competitors.

This is the first of a two part series wherein you can learn b2b leads acquisition by knowing how these Angry Birds operate. Stay tuned for part 2!

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