b2b lead generation, b2b appointment setting

Today, we are going more on an in-depth lesson on combining outsourced lead generation services and direct mail. You may be thinking that direct mail is an age old approach to getting leads and it’s not quite as effective as cold calling. True. However, there are still some benefits that direct mail excels more than outsourced cold calling services.

For one thing, it is by far one of the cheapest methods to get leads. Just print out a flier and send it out to a list of targeted prospects and wait for their reply. While you are waiting for their reply from the advertising material that you send out, telemarketers are still going at it with generating more leads for your organization. You can use this method if you need to crunch your budget a bit while still wanting to gain more business leads and sales appointments.

That’s it for today’s tip on business lead generation and appointment setting. The next time we will cover yet another tip and technique so keep posted!