b2b lead generation

B2B lead generation is a vital part to almost (if not all) types of business. Generating quality business leads allows companies, firms, agencies, enterprises, and corporations to achieve a strong chance of survival and high possibility of revenue growth.

Many lead and demand generation practices come from humble beginnings. For example, a large number of companies will start of with word-of-mouth marketing to promote their businesses. Since then, they have gone through numerous trial-and-error methods to generate interests from targeted prospects.

Today, generating quality b2b leads have evolved past offline methods and has gone into the power of using the Internet. Social media marketing is now the “in” thing for b2b marketing.

So why should you start with b2b social marketing?

InsideView has graced us with an infographic regarding the power of marketing through social networking sites.

  • 90% of B2B companies are now on FacebookMark Zuckerberg’s social media platform did not disappoint people in connecting with each other within the World Wide Web. Today, many companies use this website to get the word across about their of products/services, as well as engage with their current client base.
  • 61% of marketers from the United States use social media to increase their lead-genOffline marketing may be effective but the Internet can provide a wider audience for their marketing efforts. This ultimately increases their client base, especially when marketing practices are mixed.
  • 67% increase in leads for companies that maintain a constantly updated blogGoogle rewards websites that are constantly updated with valuable content. Hence, the more a business’ site updates their blog, the more Google notices their efforts; giving them the possibility of appearing at the top page of search results. This gives more chances for your content to be liked or shared, to which gives you an increased ability to get inbound leads.
  • LinkedIn gets you more leads than any other social networking siteLinkedIn is jam-packed with business people. ‘Nuff said.
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site to datePinterest has achieved over 10 million monthly unique visitors making it the fastest growing social networking site in history. Business people can look at this as an opportunity as it is a place where their products and/or services can be noticed in no time flat.

With these reports, it is a no-brainer why you should start (or build) up your social networking efforts. It is high time to get your products and/or services all through out the World Wide Web. Even IBM reported a mass increase in sales just by joining in with the social media bandwagon.

With a 60% and rising usage of social media, you too can get more leads and ultimately more sales. Using these websites for marketing can only lead your business to financial success. However, you better start now or as soon as possible. Remember that you’re not the only one in on this. Your competitors are also eager to get more leads.