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We B2B marketers come in a colorful array of species.

We all have those avenues we know well, those spaces we’re comfortable in, those tactics we prefer, and those topics we continue to explore further. Each of us has different instincts about what works, what risks are worth taking, and how best to elevate our brands.

How do successful brands project leadership on all fronts on an ongoing basis? They employ diverse marketing teams whose members bring complementary insights and instincts to the table.

Have you thought about where your B2B instincts lie–and how to keep them sharp?

I’m primarily a nurturer, but my forager streak is strong. When I team up with hunters, show-offs, and pack animals, I come away with a much broader perspective and the wisdom and tools to create truly outstanding content.

What kind of marketing animal are you?

Maybe this Prezi can help.