Content marketing can be considered as one of the most effective strategies in the marketing landscape to date. According to an article from Content Marketing Institute, 88% of B2B marketers are using content marketing to communicate with their audience more effectively and efficiently. With hundreds of companies using this strategy to boost their brand identity, increase their following, and eventually their sales over time, there can be no doubt content marketing is the facet of marketing today.

Still, many people are still confused on what makes a content marketing fit for organizational consumption. Since people are more accustomed to seeing content marketing materials that are geared towards the common public all over the internet, it is quite intriguing how content marketers craft their content that can perfectly suit to the more intricate purchasing habit of business people.

For starters, B2B content marketing is the process of creating valuable, relevant and consistent content to drive the potential organizational client to take a profitable course of action towards the business. It also differs in a lot of aspects compared to B2C content marketing, such as the tone, objectives, the topic being talked about, the format of the content, up to the channel of distribution.

Like B2C content marketers, B2B content marketers are very fond of diversifying their tactics to maximize the potential of content marketing in their business. From social media posts, case studies, blogs, and research reports, B2B content marketing ensures that each content is packed with useful insights and statistics from credible sources. It also utilizes social media sites for content distribution, wherein LinkedIn is the number one choice for many companies since it is where most of the C-level executives chose to thrive in nowadays.

Wonder how B2B content marketing works? Check out this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines as we have gathered eight interesting facts about B2B content marketing.


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