B2B Content Marketing Case Studies for 2016

Reading about marketing tactics is one thing, but seeing them in action is quite another.

Marketing education is theoretical, but the real-world examples help you to see how those principles can be applied.

It is especially important for businesses that market to other businesses to have a firm grasp on how these principles work in action. Take a look at some of these B2B content marketing case studies for 2016 to see how other businesses are being successful:


Magnetic created an ebook titled “Closing the Gap between People’s Expectations and Retail Realities” that it put together using the data of a survey of 100 retailers and 200 consumers. The book specifically looked at how retailers engage consumers and the response they received.

Thanks to the real-world examples and the quality of the presentation, the book was very successful. Magnetic got 67 percent of the downloads from its own site, and the book received coverage in five major industry publications, getting Magnetic a lot of exposure.

Event Farm

Event Farm is a platform for event marketing. The platform was created to give marketers answers directly from leading industry influencers in a series of video interviews.

The project netted 1,084 total registrations, which resulted in 9,143 contacts being added to the company’s marketing database. The company also got 626 leads, of which it counted 257 as marketing-qualified leads.

Snack Nation

Snack Nation created a podcast for CEOs and HR professionals called “The Awesome Office Show.” The podcast included top industry influencers talking about topics such as how to build a successful business with a remote workforce or how to become a great conversationalist.

More than 40 podcasts have been produced so far, and the show has been named a “Top 50 Business Podcast” on iTunes and has been featured in the iTunes New & Noteworthy section. The podcast has been downloaded more than 20,000 times.


The business social network has proven that it has the chops to succeed with its marketing efforts. It showed why it’s one of the best again to create an ebook called “Why We’re Hungry for Remarkable Content.”

The book was created in conjunction with industry leader Brian Solis and cartoonist Hugh MacLeod, and it was presented along with a SlideShare presentation, an infographic, and several blog posts.

The results were 9,200 ebook downloads, 2,000 SlideShare views, and 1,000 blog post shares.

American Express Global Corporate Payments

Here’s another great partnership that proved to be highly successful.

American Express joined with Global Business Travel Association to create information about the satisfaction of business travelers. The partnership resulted in a research report, numerous blog posts, infographics, event presentations and more.

The research was published 100 million times, and it resulted in 100 percent higher engagement on LinkedIn.

Cox Media

Cox Media created a holiday countdown calendar to help businesses plan their marketing for the season. The goal was to increase engagement among prospective customers, and the project included videos, infographics, ebooks, workbooks and more.

Cox Media also promoted the project with its own blog posts and with social ads. The multi-faceted approach resulted in increased traffic to all its web properties and a 60 percent increase in inquiries from prospective clients. The company also got 10 percent more shares and interactions than it did over the previous month.

The Mosaic Company

The company wanted to promote a new product, so it created a fictionalized serial drama for a podcast to explore the issues that the new product would solve for customers. The company also gave away prizes during the 10-episode run.

The campaign led to 1,586 downloads of the podcast and an average of 2.13 pages per day on its new site. The campaign reached a total of 197,377 people.

Bottomline Technologies

Ebooks and guides are popular tools for B2B brands. Bottomline Technologies created a guide for best solutions called “Cyber Fraud & Risk Management: 3 Way for Banks to Win.” It promoted the guide with an email campaign and maintained a customer lead database.

The company had 1,476 emails opened, for a click-to-open rate of 48 percent.

iLEVEL Solutions

You don’t always have to publish a complete guide to get results. iLEVEL Solutions had published a research brief but then turned it into an interactive infographic for those who needed to scan the information on a tighter schedule. The infographic made the complex topic easier to understand, and it made it easier for customers to access the information across multiple devices.

The infographic got 1,000 views, and the company saw a 33 percent increase in web traffic after its publication. Customers spent 60 percent more time on the site per visit, and they increased their page views per visit by 70 percent.

The company got five new business opportunities from the venture that were worth $800,000.

Study any of these examples a little more closely and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to improve your own B2B marketing.