Whether you are a startup or an existing business, having broad market-based acceptability for your product(s) or service is vital for long term success.

So many startups today when bringing their product to market can be led into a false sense of security of the viability of their product or service. They have friends, early adopters, and others who support and believe in them and their product. This false sense of security can result in a lot of lost revenue and a cloudy understanding of how the market really views and will ultimately accept them.

Whether you acquire this information yourself or outsource it, putting in place an intensive 30 or 60 day outbound prospecting strategy can reveal a vast amount of market and buyer intelligence. This type of strategy can reveal numerous data points that will help to focus future sales and marketing efforts.

Some of these data points would include;

*Identifying buyers vs. users.

*Sales messaging.

*Identifying unknown objections as well as known objections and how to best handle them.

*Identifying best industry verticals.

*Competitor analysis.

*Improved accuracy of current prospect data. 

*Early brand identity.

As the old saying goes; “information is power”, the better the information one is armed with prior to a full scale launch the better the outcome will be.

Many existing companies that are launching new products often feel that if their customers have bought from them once, hey why not again? A properly conducted buyer assessment analysis can help to eliminate those one time buyers. Locating valuable channel partners to further drive sales and revenue can be a huge asset to a new product launch.

There is no fool proof way to predict anything. Some of the most successful products hit big with no clear understanding how or why. Understanding how and why can only improve the odds of the success for the organization.

So if your customers seem to be made up of people in your network and those that just love “new stuff”, you might want to put in place a plan to vastly widen your scope of prospective new customers. Narrow markets only lead to narrow revenue.

Good Luck & Good Selling!