The B2B marketing attribution scene has been expanding across the US over the past few years. More and more B2B companies are realizing its unique and transformational benefits as they seek to track marketing’s direct impact on revenue.

The heat map below shows the concentration of attribution users across the United States. The map was created using data pulled from the State of Pipeline Marketing 2015 Report, as well as from Bizible’s in-house data.


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The darker blue hot spots represent any and all types of marketing attribution, regardless of the type of model being used. Single-touch models, multi-touch models, custom models, and full-path attribution are all included.

The teal blue areas show those states and cities where multi-touch or custom attribution models are used. Multi-touch models include u-shaped attribution, w-shaped attribution, full-path modeling, and custom modeling.

B2B Attribution Models Represented:

  • First touch
  • Lead touch
  • Last touch
  • U-shaped
  • W-shaped
  • Full-path
  • Custom models

Tech and Saas industries are on the cutting-edge of marketing technology, so we see a high concentration of B2B marketing attribution users in the San Francisco area. Our Bizible headquarters are in Seattle, Washington where we see another hot spot denoting our local partners, customers, and fellow attribution enthusiasts. Chicago, Boston, and Portland are also highly concentrated with B2B marketing teams using multi-touch attribution.

What are these multi-touch attribution models?

Multi-touch attribution models assign revenue credit to multiple points along the B2B marketing and sales funnel. Instead of only assigning credit to the first touch or the lead touch, u-shaped attribution assigns 40% of the credit to each one and 20% of the credit across all other marketing touchpoints in between.

Along the same vein, w-shaped attribution assigns 30% of the revenue credit across the first touch, the lead touch, and the last touch in a buyer’s journey. The remaining 10% of the credit is assigned to smaller touchpoints that occur along the purchase path.

If you use B2B marketing attribution and you can’t find yourself in one of these hot spots, be sure to look out for the new State of Pipeline Marketing Survey we’ll be conducting for 2016. We’ll be sure to get you and your attribution model featured on the map!