b2b-leads-facebookWhen Facebook was first conceived as an idea in 2003 and went live in 2004, it had a very different presence in each of our lives. Now over 11 years later and almost 1.5 billion monthly active users later, its the largest network of individuals in the world… and is constantly being under-utilized by B2B businesses.

Through all of the vacation pictures, selfies and babies, your B2B business can reach a large amount of individuals and with the right amount of optimization and know-how, you too can be successful on Facebook.

Create and Optimize Your Content Exclusively for Facebook

Trust me, it’s very easy to click your “Send to all Social Accounts” on your social media platforms and be done with it, but the people on Facebook look at content and are in a different mindset than people on LinkedIn or Twitter. Twitter is all about simplicity, LinkedIn is all about value, Facebook on the other hand is all about personalization.

Here’s a couple of best practices to follow when posting on Facebook:

  • Remove URL from Copy: Once you post the URL into your message, Facebook grabs the URL for the thumbnail/title of your post, leaving the initial URL as wasted text space. Remove your URL once the title and thumbnail are generated to better personalize your messaging.
  • Scheduling Posts After Work Hours: Most of us are working throughout the day, so it makes sense to schedule and publish posts after work hours when everyone is on Facebook and checking their feeds.
  • Keep Titles of Posts under 100 Characters: Anytime you post over 100 characters, the title will get cut off when posted on your Facebook Business Page. Keep them under 100 to get your entire point across!

Targeted Ads

B2B marketers tend to cringe when they hear about Facebook Advertising. “We are already having a hard time posting to our Facebook page and now you want to do paid advertising?” says many Marketing Managers and Directors, but there are many opportunities for B2B organizations to set up targeted ads to your ideal customers. Use criteria such as demographics, locations, interests, device types and much more to set the right criteria of your ideal customers. With average cost per click ranging from $.04 to $.58, you have a great opportunity to reach a huge spectrum of people and not break the bank.

Visualizing Your Content

With more and more content being digested by us daily, the more visually captivating you can make your content, the more engaging it can be to visitors. Try throwing images and videos into your posts for a more engaging post and higher click-through rates (video is almost 3% higher vs. 1/2% higher on photos compared to text-only posts).

You’re marketing to people on Facebook, not businesses so why should your marketing be the same across multiple platforms? B2B businesses can succeed on Facebook with a shift in messaging and strategy, targeting your content with ad placements and visualizing your content for better engagement and in turn, leads to your organization.

What B2B strategies have you used on Facebook to attract more visitors, convert leads, or close customers?