b2b appointment setting

If you have ever tried playing on a miniature golf course, there goal of the game is to complete a nine hole course with as little strokes as possible. As such, getting a hole in one is a must to beat the score of other players. The good news is we can compare playing on this course to improve our appointment setting practices.


Challenge #1: Up the hill

The first, and one of the most common holes to be found in miniature golf courses is the one-hill hurdle. You have to putt the ball on a slight hill onto the hole; this obstacle is similar to sending promotional material by your company towards your business prospects. While it seems as the easiest challenge in the course, it is important for you to get a good start. Achieving high brand awareness at the start of the challenge should provide your business with some good feedback from targeted potential clientèle.

Challenge #2: The lighthouse

Ah, the lighthouse; a signature obstacle for just about any existing mini golf course. If you have achieved in completing the first part (creating brand awareness), you can now choose methods to boost interests for the benefit of your lead generation and appointment setting goals (either by going around or through the lighthouse).

Challenge #3: The paddle wheel

The paddle wheel challenge is a classic obstacle for mini-golfers everywhere. It teaches us to be patient as precision and timing is crucial. If you time it right, and by promoting towards the right market, you can get your brand name and product information across effectively. Additional rewards may even be at stake if you sink in a hole in one here.

Challenge #4: Passing through the small bridge over water

In this hole, the simplicity of things might get you over confident. Do not fall for this illusion; if you think that a certain prospect is “easy to get,” then you might find yourself overstepping your boundaries (which ultimately brings you to losing that sale). This is much like putting the ball onto the pathway of the bridge; be too aggressive and your business appointment setting campaign will bounce off course easily.

Challenge #5: Hanging obstacles

The hanging obstructions can be in the form of many items. From bowling pins, to wooden planks, it is important to get the ball across the tiny crevice into the hole. Just like your appointment setting campaign, you have to find a way to “tickle the fancy” of your prospects no matter how slim the chances may be. As long as they have the slightest glimmer of interest, it can be nurtured into a large entity of which will be transformed into a profitable sale.

Challenge #6: The sharp curve lane

It is another one of those “it looks easy but it is so difficult” challenges within a golf course. Just like touching base with your targeted prospects, achieving b2b appointment setting goals do not usually have a straight and narrow path. Nonetheless, you need to find the right angle that will let you get good results and still land a hole in one.

Challenge #7: The windmill

A mini-gold course without a windmill is just… incomplete. In this obstacle, it represents your prospects browsing around other companies. What happens if the ball hits the blades of the windmill? Naturally, it will get knocked back. Again, you need to find the right timing and the right edge to win over business leads and set appointments that may be hiding inside the windmill.

Challenge #8: Loops

We are now nearing the home stretch for our 9-hole mini golf course on appointment setting. In this challenge, you need to the right level of putting strength to effectively make the ball go through the loops and into the hole. However, putting so much “oomph” into it will cause the ball to miss its target. In similar situations, you should not put a lot of strength into your marketing course; find the sweet spot to make it stable so as not to jeopardize your entire company.

Challenge #9: The bull’s eye

The final hole of the course brings us to probably the toughest challenge yet. You should consider this point as your entry point in closing that sale but things can still go awry. This time, you have to find a way to “pop” the ball into the hole. As such, try to get your business leads to instantly shoot their interests that will make them shake hands with you (which is a glorious sign of closing the deal for many).

Business-to-business appointment setting goals can be tough to achieve but it is definitely not something to give up on. Just continue persevering through the challenges and you will definitely get the rewards you deserve.