The Benefits of Business Blogging

Much has been said on the benefits of blogging for business.

  • It improves credibility and demonstrates expertise
  • It answers customer questions
  • It creates goodwill
  • It attracts new visitors through search
  • It gives you something to talk about on your social networks

Easier Said Than Done

But there are still a lot of bad company blogs out there. They’re boring. They talk about the company Christmas party.

This is because it’s easy to start a blog. It’s easy to put words into a computer screen.

But it’s hard to consistently maintain useful content that people want to read and share. It’s hard to turn those words into a true marketing asset that actually contribute to your marketing program.

This is what business blogging is and should be for all companies.

The goal of this infographic is to help companies do this.

Print it out. Put it on your wall. And let us know if we missed anything.

Good luck!

Anatomy of a Business Blog Post