Online technology community recently published “Consumerization of Tech: The New Enterprise Disruptor,” an intriguing article that examines the growing trend towards the “consumerization of IT” and what this shift means for the future of technology as it is used within the enterprise. In the article, enterprise software blogger, Dion Hinchcliffe, writes, “…Consumerization is not just about devices or user supplied technology like Web and mobile applications…it’s about a new mindset. This new mindset around IT is one where users tend to lead the IT charge.”

But there have been tech revolutions before, i.e. the introduction of the mini and personal computers of the 70s and 80s. How is this revolution different?

A good indicator of this change can be seen with stats like this: 81% of agencies and firms have adopted a form of BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. Many workers are so adamant about using their own digital devices in the workplace that they are willing to foot the bill.  For example, almost 44% of federal employees use a personal device for work purposes. If any stat should suggest a shift in thinking, it would be this, as the government industry is historically more conservative in its practices.

The consumerization phenomenon has major implications for B2B technology companies. As the shift continues towards consumerization, the individual, not the enterprise, will become a key influencer in the buying process, if not the final decision maker.

For B2B tech marketers, this means they will need to consider the possibility of incorporating the end user into their next marketing campaign. After all, it’s no longer just the professional buyer they are trying to please– it’s the consumer behind the professional buyer with an increasingly critical eye for value and strong influence over the tools they use in the workplace. Finding the right balance between enterprise marketing and consumer outreach will be critical to achieving success within this changing landscape.

This post was originally posted on BrandEd, a B2B branding and marketing blog from DeSantis Breindel.