Client attraction is one of the hottest topics in the service industry today. Apparently, there’s a growing need to get new clients to walk in through the door consistently and predictably.

In fact, every single week I receive emails with questions like, “Kennedy Cee, what is the most predictable way of getting new clients for my coaching business?” or “Kennedy, I am having a hard time finding new clients for my consulting business. How can I fix this once and for all?” This is why at ClientsValley, we are devoted to helping service professionals solve this big problem.

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Why is this important?

There’s a reason you aren’t doing a 9 to 5 for someone else. After all, there are good-paying jobs out there. Thanks to “The American Dream”, you can get as many jobs as you desire provided you’re suited for them and are ready to put in work.

But on the flip side, the American dream also means you can run your own business and live the good life you desire.

If you’re on this side of the American dream, you probably have a business that offers services to meet the needs of people. This could be coaching, consulting, medical services, or other diverse professional services that solve one specific need or the other.

There are two important reasons why you probably started your service business.

The first is to help people solve specific problems.

You believe you have the solution to a unique problem people are struggling with. The joy of bringing transformation to the life or business of your client gives you the drive to jump out of bed every morning and do what you know how to do best.

Take, for instance, if you’re a health coach, you believe you have what it takes to help people get fitter, healthier and escape the problems that come with obesity, etc. If you’re a business coach, you know you have what it takes to help someone whose business is stagnant or about to close shop save their business. And the list continues.

The second reason is to be able to meet your personal goals – both life and financial goals.

You want to be able to attract premium clients anytime you want. You want to grow your business to 6, and 7-figures. You want to be able to travel to all the coolest places you desire. You don’t want to retire broke and busted. You desire a really good life.

Who doesn’t?

This is why you do all the stuff you do to ensure your business works. You employ strategies and set up systems to get clients through the door. All because you want to help your clients and hit your income goals.


When clients aren’t coming in consistently and predictably, you find it hard to achieve these lofty goals.

You’re stressed, dismayed, and depressed.

Trust me, this can be as crazy as hell.

You’re not able to pay your bills. Your relationship suffers heavily. You lose your confidence and self-esteem.

The worst part, people who desperately need the solution you have don’t get it.

All because you’re not able to attract them into your business.

So what’s the solution to this?

If you’re going to attract your most perfect kind of clients consistently and predictably, three things must be in place.

These three things are the fundamentals for getting clients through the door.

Here they are…

1. Have an Irresistible and Unique Offer

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You’re probably aware of this.


I need you to look at your offer again while answering these questions…

Is there a specific problem you solve for your clients with your service?

Even if you’re the savior of the world, your offer won’t scratch anyone’s skin if there isn’t something specific it solves.

People aren’t looking for a generalist, they need a specialist. They need someone who understands the entirety of their problem and is able to bring a solution to it.

If you’ve taken care of the specifics, you can then answer the next question…

How do you present your offer to your potential clients?

You might have a great and unique offer. But if it’s not packaged well, it doesn’t appeal to your potential clients.

For instance…

If you see some bars of candy in a very attractive box, you’ll most likely try to know how you can have it – if you’re a candy freak.

This is the same for your service. If you don’t make your offer attractive and appealing, no one would want to reach out to you.

In our business, we have a unique offer. We help service professionals like you attract the perfect kind of clients (premium clients) into their businesses, any time they want, and at any price.

To make the offer attractive, we developed a super simple 3-step process that makes this easy to achieve. If you’re able to implement it, you can build a 7-figure business. Obviously, the biggest result comes from simple processes.

If you’ve taken care of this part, we can now move on to the next…

2. Identify Your Ideal Market – That Is, Who Your Service Is For

It’s important you know who you serve. This saves you a lot of stress, time and money trying to reach people who don’t need the solution you have.

It’s going to take a great deal to sell ice to an Eskimo, they have it everywhere.

It’s going to be difficult to sell a fitness program to someone who’s looking for a companion.

Every specific service solves a specific problem and is tailored to a specific market.

When you’re able to reach out to the right people for your business, you’ll be able to get them through the door easily and predictably. It’s also easier to close them.

In our business, we’re specific about who we serve. Our solution is tailored down to coaches, consultants, doctors, and diverse service professionals who desire to have a steady and consistent flow of new clients.

If you don’t fit into this category, we can’t help you. And, we don’t even bother reaching out to you with our offer.

For instance, if you teach people how to play the piano or any other musical instrument, you don’t qualify as our ideal client.

Also, if you’re a plumber helping people fix pipes in their homes, we’re not sure our services will be relevant to you because this isn’t creating any real transformation in the lives of your clients.

Take some time today to look at who your service is specifically designed for.

This second step is important for the next one to deliver the desired result.

3. Have a Strategy To Bring Your Target Market to Your Unique Offer.

If you have a unique and irresistible offer and have identified your target market, then you need a strategy to make it deliver results for your business.

This isn’t supposed to be a complicated system or process.

The goal is simple: Take your unique offer to your ideal client, attract them to your business, and turn them to clients.

This is how we came up with our 3-step process that attracts premium clients to our business.

The simple steps are:

  • An ad – to communicate your offer to your ideal client.
  • A webinar – to show in detail how you intend to help them find a solution to their pressing need.
  • A phone call – to deal with any other objection, give them clarity, and consequently close them.

It’s really that simple, nothing complicated at all. Anyone who’s willing to put in some work can follow through this process.

When you have this in place, you can easily turn $1 into $5 to $10 or more and turn your advertising into great profit. You will also discover that all your struggles of trying to find new clients will be gone for good.

You can begin to implement this process ASAP in your business. So we’ve made it even better through our training.

This training shows you in detail how to effectively implement this process in your business to begin attracting the right kind of clients into your business – predictably and consistently.

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