lead generation, lead generation company, business to business leadsA service that many avail of nowadays is lead generation. Due to the ever increasing need to increase profits, businesses all over have realized that you just cannot make a sale happen when you do not have a good lead to work with. As such, companies that are in dire need of good leads turn to the services of professional lead generation companies in order to keep their pipelines jam-packed with sales leads.

Lead generation can come in many forms and there are all sorts of ways to get it done. One method of lead generation is performed through telemarketing and is one of the most widely used approaches in the world today. Some people do wonder though and they ask questions like why is lead generation through telemarketing so highly valued? Well, truth be told, telemarketing has nothing special to it that leads generated through it are of high-quality and quite workable. The answer lies in the process in which lead generation through telemarketing is done.

Do you want to know how lead generation through telemarketing gets the results that it does? Let’s take a peak into a simple four-step lead generation process, shall we?

Market research is conducted.

The first step in the entire process is the market research phase. Before any successful lead generation campaign can be conducted, proper research must be done and observed. Which market to be researched though is determined on which sector of industry a telemarketing company’s client is targeting.

Once it is decided upon on which industry is to be targeted, a lead generation company proceeds to analyze the current market and understand the current trend. By knowing the current trend, they are able to learn which product/service is currently in demand within the target market. This allows them to be able to formulate a better approach when they finally start making calls.

Brand study is conducted – research on the client’s company, products and services.

A telemarketing company cannot hope to provide satisfactory and effective lead generation services if it cannot first understand their client’s brand. Before any campaign is launched, a telemarketing services provider makes sure to analyze their client’s company as well as their products and services.

Of course, you cannot sell a product or service without first knowing all the specifics. A telemarketing company acts as an extension of a company’s marketing department specifically employed for the sole purpose of generating business to business leads, or just regular sales leads depending on whether they are B2B or B2C based. As such, a proper study of a client’s brand is necessary before they can start generating leads.

An approach is formulated – creation of the call script and other campaign essentials.

Once proper research has been done, what needs to be done next is the creation of the call script and to come up with other essentials to the approach that will be used throughout the campaign. The call script serves to be a telemarketer’s sales spiel and will hold other essential items to the campaign, such as qualifying questions that will be used to identify whether the prospect is a viable candidate to do business with.

Calls to generate leads are performed.

The final step, of course, is when the telemarketers you hired finally pick up the phone to speak with their client’s target prospects. Based on all the research that has been done on both the target market and the client’s brand, an effective calling campaign can now take place.

If you’ve been wondering all this time just how a lead generation campaign is conducted, well now you have your answer. Other company’s have longer processes before a campaign can be launched though, this just serves as an example at how it usually plays out. Rest assured though, much research and preparation is done to make sure that the chances are at an all time high before any campaign is launched.