Triberr. Just say the name on Twitter and you are likely to get responses that range from disdain that is only constrained by 140 characters to adoring love and affection. It is a lightening rod application.

  1. I believe as marketers and as individuals, we must serve our connections or audience if we have any desire to maintain and grow them.
  2. I use Triberr.

No, despite the reputation Triberr has with some people, these points are not contradictory.

As a marketer, if your social media program includes establishing individuals as participants in industry conversations, Triberr should be on your radar.

One of my personal goals in social media is to engage with people interested in modern B2B marketing. If my goal was to promote Babcock & Jenkins, the agency’s work would be more prominent on this blog, but my overall activity would be very similar. If Triberr works for me in this context, it can work for individuals in your organization as well.

How to Use Triberr for B2B Marketing

Here is how I use Triberr, and how I would recommend you use it as part of a marketing program:

  1. Read every post before sharing. Your goal is to serve your prospective audience, not your tribemates. Set your bar for quality and relevance high, and do not deviate from it.
  2. Filter topics. If you have read and shared enough on a topic (recently Pinterest for me), your audience likely doesn’t want more either.
  3. Share sparingly. I probably share between 1/3 and 1/2 of the posts from Triberr. Your standard for sharing through Triberr should be no different than your overall standard for sharing.
  4. Take time to engage. Include comments with your tweets and comment on the blogs posts you share. The biggest complaint about Triberr is its history of automated sharing. You will be thoughtful in what you share, how you share needs to reflect that.

In short, Triberr functions as a second RSS reader for me, with a built in Tweet button that automatically credits the author and spaces tweets out throughout the day.

However, you can do all of that with an RSS reader. Here is the real reason Triberr is worth adding to your toolkit, and why you should give it real consideration.

The Real Unexpected Benefit of Triberr

One thing I never expected but has become the most valuable aspect of Triberr to me is the improved connection from two-way reading. When I read someone’s blog AND they read mine, comments and discussion have more context and better relationships are formed.

Your Turn

Have you used Triberr for business? If so, please share your thoughts or experience below.

Do you blog about B2B or digital marketing and want to try Triberr? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@wittlake).