An effective B2B content marketing initiative needs more than just compelling content to attract buyers at each stage of the buying. The content needs to be put in front of the buyers, command their attention, and sway their purchase intention. Here are 9 channels to consider when strategizing B2B content marketing tactics

1) LinkedIn. This professional social networking platform is effective for building professional relationships and gaining brand exposure in front of a quality audience. By creating attention-grabbing headlines, compelling intros, and irresistible images, you can demand the attention of B2B professionals.

2) YouTube. You can use YouTube to create product demos or interactive videos to humanize your brand or engage with your audience. You can also include transcripts so search engines can index your keywords and viewers can opt to skim your key points.

3) Industry-specific forums. Join forums such as Warrior Forums or Marketing Profs and offer helpful advice to build up your reputation. Use this opportunity to develop relationships with other marketing professionals and most importantly, include a link to your content in your forum signature.

4) Twitter. Create witty and interesting content that’s shareable. Target specific users using the Tailored Audience feature.

5) Slideshare. Include strong call-to-actions in your presentations that lead readers to your website.

6) Retargeting ads. Use paid retargeting to reach website visitors after they leave. Segment your audience to serve content that prompts them to move to the next buying stage.

7) Quora. Establish yourself as a trusted source by giving comprehensive answers with references.

8) Surveys and studies. Use original data to capture interest. Promote with press releases. Go beyond online submissions. Contact local and industry publications directly.

9) Direct mail. Use personalized emails to send articles to prospects and clients who will find it helpful.

By using the nine tactics above, you can deliver customized content to your target audience cost-effectively through multiple online and offline traditional. This will help you improve your overall brand awareness and increase your chance of attracting prospects and generating sales!