Our last post 4 Proven Ways For Generating Leads on LinkedIn got a lot of positive feedback, with readers telling us that the data provided in the post validated their own experiences using the LinkedIn platform. There were others who felt, that despite having profiles on LinkedIn, they have not seen the kind of results, as many of their other counterparts on the professional networking site.

To make things simpler for all who use the LinkedIn platform, we decided to put together a simple info-graphic, which shows the various ways, individuals, marketers and companies can use LinkedIn as an effective B2B marketing platform.

If you can just work on the areas – a,b,d,f and g, mentioned in the info-graphic below, you will see a lot of difference in the quantity and quality of Leads coming from LinkedIn.

We recently put together a research report, which shows that if marketers work on these areas they can derive a lot of value for their marketing efforts on LinkedIn. To get more insight into how you can make LinkedIn work for you, read our research report – Why Should You Use LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation?

To download a pdf version of this info-graphic or for the embed code, please visit – http://www.leadformix.com/linkedin-infographic.html

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