There is no doubt that clients are critical to the growth and success of your business. Creating new client relationships is certainly important, but maintaining those client relationships is even more so. And simply maintaining those relationships is not good enough, client bonds need to be as strong as possible. By doing so, client lifetime value goes up, ensuring your business will be successful far down the road.

According to Forbes Expert Panel, “Customer retention and satisfaction are crucial for every company’s success. If you want to increase sales, you’ll have to prioritize your relationships with consumers. That means paying attention to their wants and needs and marketing to them accordingly.”

The following ways to strengthen client relationships can serve as your quick guide for increasing client lifetime value, growing your business year after year. Let’s dive in!

1. Begin by really getting to know your clients

You may think you already know your clients fairly well, but don’t get too comfortable. There are a number of ways you can really get to know your clients better and strengthen that bond. If it has been awhile, you can let discussions get a bit more personal, sharing hobbies and learning about one another’s families.

This can significantly increase your client relationships and be part of your customer experience management (CXM) strategy.

2. Make client communication a regular thing

Communication is the core of any relationship, regardless if it is with your spouse, or your client. It is definitely important to communicate, and making communication a regular thing is essential.

Schedule bi-weekly check-ins with clients, share company news by connecting on social media channels, like Facebook or LinkedIn, and think of clients during important holidays. You can show how much a client means by sending them a little reminder.

From earbuds to customized shirts, there are plenty of ways to rekindle or strengthen a client relationship. And finding the best personalized business gifts isn’t that challenging anymore, it just takes a bit of thoughtfulness, because you know your client pretty well.

3. Always maintain a high level of transparency with clients

In today’s digital world, it is absolutely critical to be open and honest with your clients. Because the chances of them finding out something online you may have been hiding is pretty high. This makes transparency in business of the utmost importance when it comes to strengthening client relationships.

4. Deliver exceptional work and/or services

Building stronger client relationships is not only about communication, transparency, and getting to know one another better. No matter how much your client likes you, if you are not delivering top notch work and/or services, they will leave you for a competitor. It’s not personal, just business. So the best way to ensure your strengthening client relationships is to always hit home runs for your clients. The rest is supplementary in a way.

5. Be authoritative and share your wide range of industry knowledge with clients

This one kind of falls into the transparency and communication categories. To ensure your clients are involved in the process, share your vast knowledge with them. Take them step by step through how you get things done, and they will fee part of the project and part of you team. That is exactly what you want when it comes to strengthening those client bonds, and you will also have a loyal brand advocate too.

6. Ask important questions and get a lot of client feedback

If you want to strengthen client relationships and increase the lifetime value, get into the minds of your clients. Ask them important questions about your process and deliverables, and take that feedback to heart. Customer behavior and client feedback can help you serve your clients better, create better workflows, and assist in netting even more clients, helping your business grow into a successful company.

7. Reframe the client relationship, making it a partnership

Interestingly, you can reframe and redefine how client relationships grow by making those relationships into long-term partnerships. This is a win-win for everyone, because partnerships are collaborative, forward-thinking, and mutually beneficial. Partnerships are also more sustainable, making ongoing work a part of the process.

“When you’re building a partnership, always aim to work with companies who offer the same level of service and quality reputation as yours,” Craig McGraw of Trans American Trucking & Warehouse explained in a Forbes article. “Having good communication and a trusting relationship is key for this to be successful.”

Wrapping Up . . .

The above ways to strengthen client relationships can serve as your quick guide to increasing client lifetime value. From higher levels of communication to shifting the relationship into a partnership, there is certainly a lot to implement into your daily business flow. What is your top client tip? We want to hear from you.