trade show promotional activities pull in more interested attendees to your booth

With all the logistics you have to manage for your company’s trade show program, you might feel justified in skipping trade show promotional activities. But that would be like planning a party, and not sending out all the invitations.

Sure, the show organizer will get people to the show floor. But it’s up to you to get them to your booth space.

Here are 7 reasons why trade show promotional activities are so worth your effort:

1. Trade show promotional activities attract more booth traffic

As attendees wander down the aisles, their eyes are bombarded by structures, images and words from all sides. What wins in that sensory battle? Motion and sound – which you can do best with activities. Activities in your booth catch and hold their attention, and if enticing enough, bring them into your space, leaving your neighboring exhibitors staring at you in envy.

2. Trade show promotional activities attract the right booth traffic

Even better than more traffic is the right booth traffic. You can create activities that appeal especially to your target audience (product demos, time trials, industry trivia games). Then, announce your activity pre-show via email, phone calls, and social media, and with signage and crowd gatherers during the show.

3. Trade show promotional activities help booth staffers start conversations

All your booth staffers need help starting conversations. The introverts especially need the help, but even the extroverted sales people may feel uncomfortable in the trade show setting that’s so different than their day-to-day environment. A clever activity relieves your booth staffers from having to strain to start conversations for hours on end.

4. Trade show promotional activities build trust

Today’s trade show attendees are better informed. They’ve already researched on the web to find which companies offer what they are looking for. So, visit potential vendors at the trade show to gauge credibility. A strong activity in your booth can build trust. Your activities can be designed to overcome objections and prove your empathy for your clients’ main challenges.

5. Trade show promotional activities make attendees remember you

Trade show promotional activities can also boost awareness of your company brand and image among attendees. Especially activities that are surprising and hook visitors’ emotions. Make your activity photo-worthy so they want to share it on Instagram and their other social media accounts. Even better, give them a giveaway with your logo that is thematically-tied to your promotional activity, to remind them even more of the experience they had in your booth.

6. Trade show promotional activities increase leads and sales

When your trade show promotional activities bring in more of the right attendees into your booth, engage them in better conversations, and have them remember you better after the show – guess what? You’re going to get more leads from the show. Even better, if it’s your goal, you’ll get more sales.

7. Trade show promotional activities increase trade show ROI

While often the first thing dropped off the to-do list, trade show promotional activities can be the secret sauce that can boost your trade show ROI. You’re already investing in the booth space, show services, travel, and exhibit design. Spend just 5% to 10% more on a good trade show promotional activity, and you can increase your sales from your trade show leads by 50% to 100%. It’s some of the best money you can invest.

I hope that after reading this article, you’ve taken out your trade show checklist, and put a big star next to trade show promotions, to ensure you create an activity that brings in more traffic and results.

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