Below is a list of lessons I’ve personally learned in marketing that other marketers should also think about when working on generating qualified business leads.

Set “BIG” goals. Yes I mean very big goals. You should never be wimpy about setting your goals. Aim for the skies. Remember, even if you don’t reach your goals, you’ll still achieve more than you would have achieved with smaller goals.

Think of your website or blog site as a lead generator. If you wanted your business promoted to people around the world, then it’s your website and blog that you have to put focus on. Improve the visibility of your website by improving your SEO efforts. Integrate social media into your blog sites by putting catchy and clear share buttons so people can like and share your content easily.

Identify your “niche.” If you know your audience, you’ll know what content to create and publish.

Quality content should be your priority. Just any kind of content would not do. There’s no point in publishing a lot of content in your website or blog site, if people don’t like reading them. You must create content that your target audience would really crave for.

Keep yourself up with trends. You don’t have to be genius to succeed in your business. Read the newspapers. Surf the net and look for helpful resources. You can already make thousands and even millions out of that information if you know how to tie them together.

Experiment…experiment. Know what works well for your business. Continually use the knowledge you gained from one channel and apply it to other channels. Just don’t overdo.

Relax and enjoy. Admit it. Business (especially lead generation) is hard. So, please don’t make it harder for you. Relax, enjoy, and have some coffee.

This post originally appeared at CallBoxInc