As B2B marketers increasingly deploy and integrate more channels into the marketing mix, there’s a need for tools dedicated to integrated campaign management. Creating a unified customer experience across inbound, outbound, owned, earned, experiential and digital touchpoints are essential to seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

But, it’s nowhere near simple to coordinate.

No single tool, channel or campaign is the winning ticket for B2B marketing in 2018. An effective integrated campaign establishes a presence on the channels customers are using, providing them with relevant messaging and a unified brand experience. Managing these integrated campaigns can require the development of new processes, smarter strategies and the adoption of new technologies.

Integrated campaign management tools should work in coordination with the entire marketing technology (MarTech) stack to create an integrated tech ecosystem.

Integrated Campaign Management Tools

Integrated campaign management tools are defined, for the purpose of this article, as marketing and project management technologies that support the orchestration of integrated, omnichannel marketing campaigns.

1. Trello

A lightweight, web-based application for project management, Trello can be shaped to fit the workflows of your B2B marketing organization’s integrated campaigns with flexible tools such as boards, lists and cards. Trello offers users the benefit of a high-level overview for project and campaign statuses at-a-glance, as well as the ability to attach discussions, documents and other attributes to individual task-sized cards to act as a central collaboration hub.

Trello offers native integrations with many tools used by B2B marketing organizations, including Slack, Google Drive and Jira.

2. Uberflip

Uberflip is categorized as a content marketing platform, with features designed to enable marketers to “create, manage, and optimize content experiences” to optimize the use of content throughout full-funnel marketing campaigns. Uberflip offers a centralized hub for complex omnichannel content marketing strategies, by featuring all brand and campaign-related content from the convenience of a single dashboard.

Other features offered by Uberflip allow marketers to delve into in-depth content insights to optimize and repurpose existing assets based on data-driven insights. Uberflip can also be used to categorize content by sales funnel stage to increase content asset adoption by the sales and customer success teams. Native integrations include Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, MailChimp, Pardot, Google Analytics, and many more.

3. Funnelwise

Funnelwise was designed to solve a problem which its founder believed united many B2B marketing organizations – difficulty connecting marketing activity at the top and middle of the funnel to sales activity at the bottom of the funnel. This tool is designed to provide “focus and depth” around key full-funnel metrics to increase the success of demand marketing initiatives and sales-marketing alignment activities.

Funnelwise includes a number of intelligent, built-in and customizable options for reporting. Users can drill down to understand marketing performance in-depth, create customized dashboards, and create shared goals for tracking. Native integrations include Salesforce and major marketing automation platforms such as Marketo and HubSpot.

4. Bizible

Bizible is a comprehensive platform for integrated campaign insights in B2B marketing environments. The flagship product, Bizible Revenue Attribution “ unifies behavioral and ad data with sales outcomes and machine learning so you can make the right marketing decisions.”

Bizible is designed to simplify complex marketing attribution equations, providing marketers with convenient access to multi-touch attribution, custom attribution modeling, event tracking, ad network integration and other features. Native integrations include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, LinkedIn ads, Optimizely, Google Adwords and more.

5. Vidyard

Vidyard is among the most sophisticated platforms for hosting and distributing marketing and lead-generation video content, with features optimized for B2B integrated campaign management. With Vidyard, marketers can easily perform A/B testing on videos, syndicate content across major channels for video distribution, customize the video experience for one-to-one content delivery and access in-depth insights on viewer behavior.

With Vidyard’s integrations with major marketing automation platforms and email sending platforms, it’s possible to assign leads and opportunities to workflows based on their time viewed. Leads can be automatically scored based on video viewing behavior.

6. Integrate

As the most comprehensive solution designed to meet the top-of-funnel marketing challenges faced by demand generation and marketing operations pros, Integrate’s demand orchestration software offers a range of solutions, including account-based marketing, lead generation, event data management, and GDPR and data-privacy compliance. With Integrate’s feature set for transparency and simplicity in complex integrated campaign management, marketers can achieve scalability in even the most complex, multichannel marketing environments.

Integrate’s solution for demand orchestration is designed for complex, multi-channel campaign management, allowing B2B marketers to achieve in-flight optimization across integrated marketing campaigns, channels, lead sources and lead data. Marketers can also increase lead velocity with tools for automating lead data processing, data deduplication and lead routing.

With full-funnel solutions for integrated campaign performance measurement and optimization, marketers can gain in-depth insight into the channels, partnerships, sources and content that’s performing best in real-time, not after campaigns have concluded.

Integrating Tools for Better B2B Marketing Orchestration

As B2B marketing teams attempt to scale performance through holistic marketing orchestration initiatives, there’s a need for technologies that can introduce simplicity, oversight and transparency into the organization. Some of today’s best tools for integrated marketing campaign management seamlessly integrate with existing marketing automation platforms and CRM, while allowing marketers unprecedented visibility and efficiency.

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