The LinkedIn Company page is another website that you own, albeit on rented digital land. As LinkedIn continues to strengthen its content marketing centricity, B2B brands who dedicate the time and resources to create strong brand messaging and engaging content, reap the benefits. There are at least 4 factors that make a LinkedIn company page effective.

Strong Employee Representation

When someone visits your LinkedIn Company Page, it’s an open door into your employees. The chances that your potential customers are reviewing your employee’s credentials on your Company Page are very high. After all, it’s your employees who deliver your solutions. All it takes is a simple click to see all your employees. Does that experience represent your brand well? Do your employees advocate effectively on your behalf on LinkedIn?

Kaseya’s employees are well represented with recent headshots and current titles. It’s not rocket science. Just cover the LinkedIn basics to make a good first impression.

Kaseya LinkedIn Company page

Creative Messaging

The header image on your Company Page is the very first element to which the human eye is drawn. It creates an impression within one second. Sweat this detail because it communicates your brand’s key message. In our hyper fast digital activity, you have just a few seconds to capture someone’s attention.

Crimson Hexagon (full disclosure, a Find and Convert client), creatively communicates their focus on delivering “vision and clarity” for their customers through social intelligence software.

Crimson Hexagon

Effective Use of Showcase Pages

LinkedIn recently replaced the Product & Services section of the Company Page with the Showcase Page. A Showcase page is a dedicated section where a business can feature a specific topic such as a product line. For example, if you use Microsoft Dynamics, you can follow the Dynamics Showcase Page. Microsoft has 12 Showcase pages, allowing you to follow or “subscribe” to the products that you use or have interest in.

Microsoft Dynamics LinkedIn Showcase Page

Showcase Pages can be used to “showcase” any unique aspect of your business. Look at how Google has a Showcase Page for Think With Google, “Google’s source for insights, trends and research in digital media and marketing. Creative inspiration, industry intelligence and best practices for marketing leaders.”

Think With Google Showcase Page

Consistent Publishing of Updates

Publishing updates on your LinkedIn Company Page is a must best practice. It is an effective way to share content about your industry, your events, your thought leadership and generally anything that would be of interest to those who follow your page. Consistency is key, and so is engagement with your audience.

I’ve long been an admirer of Kinaxis, a supply chain software supplier, because of their comprehensive content marketing strategy. Take a look at how they engage with a community member by responding with detailed precision.

Kinaxis LinkedIn Company page

Your company updates should appeal to the interests of your followers. By all means, keep your followers informed of your achievements, events and new initiatives. Below you see that Acxiom announces their partnership with Marketo.

Acxiom LinkedIn Company Page

B2B brands’ effective use of LinkedIn occurs at two levels. The LinkedIn Company Page is an owned asset that can provide a content platform and engagement channel for your employees, customers, potential customers and partners to participate. The other aspect of LinkedIn is at the individual power user level. Got any other suggestions for B2B LinkedIn Company Page best practices?