B2B inside sales, lead generation telemarketing, telemarketingB2B inside sales puts value in each call. Unlike common telemarketing, inside sales is all about building a relationship with the prospect, and not all about making a set number of calls. However, the are still compared to each other and a lot of people still label inside sales specialists as plain old telemarketers. Well, in a way, it is unavoidable. You can’t expect everyone to know the difference between the two.

As such, it would be in your best interests to make sure that your clients and B2B prospects are informed that you are all about inside sales, and not just another B2B telemarketing firm. So, here are a few steps you can take in establishing your presence as a B2B inside sales company.

1. Start a company blog So, what exactly does keeping a blog have to do with helping you let your prospects know that you’re not just some random telemarketing firm? The answer is simple. A blog can help by providing your customers with material which they may be looking for, content that you as an inside sales company can easily provide them with. If you’re a telemarketing firm, then your blog posts would be more under the nature of B2B telemarketing. However, you’re not just any regular telemarketing services provider; you’re an inside sales specialist.

2. Build your SEO plan around the appropriate keywords – If you have a website up and running, then you of course already understand how having the proper SEO plan can help you get found by search engines. As such, you need to build your plan and make sure you use the right keywords. Determine which keywords you want to rank for, then start working on your SEO strategy. Remember though: you’re a B2B inside sales company. So find out which keywords would be best for you.

3. Look and sound like what you really are – It’s not enough to just call your company an inside sales specialist company. What you also need to do is to make sure that you look and sound the part. One way of doing this is through one of the above points (establishing a blog). Aside from that, it’s also in the content you put up on your website. It’s important to remember that you are no traditional telemarketing firm and that you emphasize on making quality calls than on quantity. That being said, that may be one point you want to put up on your “services” page.

4. Talk about your process – Your process should speak for your brand and what you do as a B2B marketing company. What do you do as an inside sales company? Are you into making direct sales? Lead generation telemarketing perhaps? Or maybe even B2B appointment setting? Whatever it is you do, you need to talk about how you do it and let your prospects and clients know just what they’re getting into when they choose to hire your company for your services.

5. Get client referrals – Word of mouth is one of the best ways to spread the word about your company, and also one of the best ways to making sure that you are seen as what you really are: an inside sales company. One way of getting more client referrals is through setting up a sort of client referral program. Come up with some catchy rewards and start seeing more leads for your business when you implement and good client referral program. Aside from that, you’ll be slowly spreading the word about your company and its services.

So, do you want to start gaining some traction and get the word out about your inside sales company? Want to start looking less like a common telemarketing firm and more like the business that you really are? Then follow these steps; give them a whirl and see how it goes for you.