December is a funny time of the year for many businesses. If you’re not involved in the melee that is the peak holiday season for retailers and some other industries, you can find yourself at a loss for stuff to do as the year closes out. As customers stop answering phones and email engagement drops off, sometimes it’s all too tempting to log off and close the office early.

But isn’t a quiet couple of hours in your day just what you’ve been looking for to get things done?

This is the perfect time to get ahead of yourself and ensure 2017 starts with a bang.

If you are still at a loss, here are five tips to get you started.

5 Marketing Productivity Tips for a Slow Holiday Period

  1. Write and Schedule Your Blogs Posts: If you’ve ever wondered where you can find the time to write and schedule some traffic-generating posts for your corporate blog – now is the time to get to work. Don’t give in to the temptation to publish them now when your customer base is busy celebrating the holidays. Instead, schedule them for the new year when things start rocking again.
  2. Preload Your Social Media Activities: Back up all this great new content with some pre-loaded social media activities. Marketing Automation software enables you to schedule social media posts days, weeks or even months in the future. Don’t forget – old content also provides a great opportunity to share via social media. If you are constantly adding fresh followers to your social media channels, old content will appear new and useful to anyone who hasn’t seen it before. Remember, with the average life span of a tweet being only 18 minutes, a single tweet will only be seen by a tiny number of your followers.
  3. Schedule Those Email Marketing Campaigns: Nothing will brighten your January up more than coming back from the holidays with an inbox full of orders. While your content, social media and paid marketing efforts will drive traffic, it’s your email marketing campaigns that will ultimately drive sales and long-term profits.
  4. Build Out New Campaign Ideas: You’ve been thinking about creating a white paper, scheduling a webinar or designing some new infographics. There’s no time like the present to invest some (uninterrupted) time into these new marketing endeavours.
  5. Perform a Little Housekeeping: OK, nobody likes doing this – but when else are you going to find the time to cleanse and segment your lists? Don’t wait for a better time – it’ll never come. Get it done now.

Will you be putting your feet up in the run-up to the holidays, or will you invest any extra time you have now to ensure the new year brings you something to celebrate? Share your comments below:

This post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.