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No matter how useful your product is, if no one knows about it, no one will purchase it.

So, a crucial part of customer acquisition is getting more people to know about your product. Put your product in front of as many prospective customers and stimulate interest to develop your sales pipeline.

You can develop a continuous relationship with visitors by capturing emails and qualify potential leads before initiating a sales conversation.

Let’s take a look at some strategies to increase sales leads for B2B business.

1. Invest in content marketing

Publishing quality content is one of the best ways to increase sales leads for a B2B business.

When businesses that adopt content marketing are compared with non-adopters, the adopters have conversion rates that are nearly six times higher than non-adopters. Although content marketing requires you to invest your time and resources, it is a proven strategy to attract more high-quality leads than traditional marketing counterparts.

You can start by creating a solid content marketing strategy for your business. Streamline your content creation process and measure the progress of your content strategy to identify how well your content is performing.

2. Add a live chat

According to a Forrester article, online chat use among customers has been rising substantially.

The best thing about adding live chat to your site is that it allows you to provide quick pre-sale support to your prospects. This can improve the customer experience and increases the likelihood of converting your visitors into leads and customers.

Now, pushing a chat session out to everyone will do more harm than good. Instead, invite only those users who are more likely to engage with the live chat tool by detecting user behavior. For example, you can invite to live chat if users view a certain page or spend time on a page for a defined period.

If you’re after an easy solution to install a live chat support tool on your site, you can use Live Chat. It integrates with tons of online applications like email marketing and CRM tools.

3. Segment your email list based on personas

Sending personalized emails is the best way to convert your leads into customers. According to a Marketing Sherpa study, personalizing emails by segmentation can increase sales revenues by 50%.

To send personalized emails, you’ll need to segment your email list into distinct groups based on their common interests, preferences, and more importantly, buyer personas. When you segment your list based on personas, you can better address the concerns of your leads by considering specific roles your leads might have in relation to your business’s buying cycle.

Using OptinMonster is the easiest way to build a hypersegmented email list. OptinMonster integrates seamlessly with Constant Contact and allows you to create beautiful opt-in forms that attract and increase sales leads.

This helps you grow a hypersegmented list based on the user behavior of each lead. For instance, you can segment an email list based on the pages visited, referral source, geographical location and much more.

4. Generate more online reviews

Before making a purchase decision, 87% of B2B decision makers research online to find honest reviews to support their decisions. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because trust is the most important factor that influences your customers’ purchasing decisions. If you want to increase sales leads by gaining the trust of your customers, you have to have reviews of your products or service available online.

Getting honest reviews is not easy if you’re just starting out. In such case, you’ll need to invite influencers or journalists to use your product for free in exchange for an honest review.

A few other ways to foster trust with reviews are:

  • Testimonials: Reach out to existing customers to get some testimonials that you can publish on your site.
  • Case studies: While having some testimonials on your site is a great way to foster trust, detailed case studies explain how your product can help new customers solve their problem.
  • Celebrity endorsement: Network with influencers and ask them to endorse your product online.

5. Monitor your brand for mentions

As your brand grows, you need to monitor for online mentions and jump on opportunities to generate leads.

To monitor your brand mentions online, you can use a free monitoring platform like Google Alerts. Besides monitoring brand mentions, you can also discover what media outlets are saying about your business. The more active you are in monitoring and joining the discussion, the more leads you’ll gain.

To get quality brand mentions and press coverage, you might also want to network with journalists who cover your niche. Understand what they write about and pitch them the story of your business. Even if you have a killer story, chances are you’ll get rejected often.

The key to getting media coverage for your brand is to find the right reporter and pitch them at the right time.

Find what works for your business to increase sales leads

To generate high-quality B2B leads, you need to find a method that works and stick to it. By following the above methods, you can gain some valuable leads in a short amount of time.

What is your favorite trick to increase sales leads? Let us know by commenting below!