sales leads database, b2b contact list, contact databaseIn a digital world, it’s not easy to come up with good reasons to justify carrying out a direct mail marketing campaign with your B2B contact list. Why should you go for slower and clumsier direct mail when you can have the lightning-fast and laser-precise advantage of email? Well, it turns out that, although direct mail may not be as speedy as email, it can still achieve the targeting and conversion power of its digital cousin when done right.

In 2009, direct mail marketing saw its near-death experience when related activity slumped to all-time lows but, contrary to what most marketers believe, this channel didn’t actually die. It simply took a three-year vacation and has now returned with an exclamation point. In fact, recent data saw a 4.6% increase in direct mail spending to just above $50 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow steadily at 2.3% over the next few years. So why should you consider sending direct mails to your sales lead database entries? Take a look at the following:

Among many reasons, direct mail marketing is still worth your while because it:

1. Leaves a deeper footprint.

Research conducted by Millward Brown revealed that “physical media” which include direct mail can leave a deeper impression on the minds of the audience than “digital” ones. Let’s face it, reading something in a format that you can hold, feel, fold, or crumple is a lot more memorable and engaging than bending over or looking down at device screens.

2. Ideal for tradeshow marketing.

With the increased vigilance against digital fraud that many consumers and companies are now adopting, sending out invitations through tangible media like direct mails can complement, not necessarily substitute, today’s more conventional approaches like emails, social media, telemarketing, etc. Again, this tendency leads us back to #1’s point that physical media can leave a more profound impression on recipients in your business direct mailing list.

3. Enhances multi-channel integration.

Again, it’s perfectly reasonable to look at direct mail as a complementary medium to your other marketing channels. Let’s say, for example, you already have a respectable online presence, a well-run email marketing campaign, and an effective cold calling arm – all these places your brand on your audience’s screens or phones. Wouldn’t it be nicer to place your brand on their office desk as well?

4. Boosts brand impression.

Aside from having an extra marketing channel to convey your branding message, direct mail also brings your message to those in your targeted B2B marketing database who much prefer reading messages on paper. By accommodating their requirements, you’re actually expanding your branding horizon instead of narrowing it down to a few communication streams.

5. Useful in testing and research.

The tech infrastructure to support more advanced direct mail activities is now becoming increasingly accessible to marketers. With today’s direct marketing platforms, tracking and testing become simpler and more accurate than before. Marketers can now run tests or do market research with relative ease through direct mails than their predecessors.

While emails dominate the B2B marketing world in terms of ROI and customer retention, direct mails can still be highly effective vehicles to enhance the performance of your other channels. Consider yourself as the recipient of a well-prepared paper direct mail one day, what are the things that lead you to open and read the message?