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Whether you are a quota carrying account manager or simply someone who cares about renewing your customers, maximizing the impact of your communications is a must! Customer Success teams drive a compelling user experience. Account Management teams align the value of their products and services with the customer’s goals. With so much of a company’s long-term success riding on retaining and expanding their current customer base, both teams need to be fully loaded with account insights.

After using Engagio to create raving customers for advocacy, I was inspired to see what customers are doing with Engagio in these two departments. Once again, it’s not Account Based Marketing, it’s Account Based Everything; Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, even Product Development. This is the Future. This is important. This is ready now.

*Pro tip*– Customer Success Managers should be key players on your ABE team. They have a lot of insight into how your technology is used, what works, and what doesn’t work.

5 Customer Success Insights for 2017

  1. See FULL account engagement
  2. Identify the right people and time for upsell opportunities
  3. Focus on what matters
  4. Get insights into red accounts to turn them green
  5. Overachieve dollar retention rate

1. See Full Account Engagement

At the beginning of the new year, I connected with Jessica Nelson, Senior Sales Manager at SilkRoad. Jessica told me that every CSM at SilkRoad has their own account lists in Engagio. Engagio allows them to identify new users that sign up for SilkRoad. Everyday, the CSM checks the Newly Added section, which gives them a list of all the new people that have created a new username/password to log into the system. They then reach out and introduce themselves as the CSM, begin building the relationship, and schedule training.

Having these insights ensures they are driving adoption at the right time.

Customer Support doesn’t just get involved if something appears to be broken. Dan Steinman at Gainsight explains this beautifully when describing the differentiating keywords of Customer Success and Customer Support. With the customer’s best interest always in mind, these two departments are going to have overlap and gray area when it comes to the “how-to’s”.

At Silkroad, it’s important that the CSM’s are seeing customers who open support cases. In order to see the case trends of each account, they have assigned extra engagement minutes to each support case.

support case 2

Your graph may look something like this over a year’s time and if so, you may want to look into these accounts more closely as the spikes are the open support cases at a particular account.

If you are in Professional Services, the graph above would be a clear indicator that an account may benefit from training or 1:1 with a consultant. If you are a smaller company, then this is a red flag that the onboarding process may not have prepared the customer for success. This would be a great time to utilize PlayMaker and involve your executives by orchestrating Plays on their behalf.

“Rising customer expectations are the most disruptive trend in business today. Companies that differentiate their customer relationships on the basis of account-specific insights and responsiveness raise customer expectations and create competitive advantage.”
-International Data Corporation

2. Identify upsell opportunities

You’ve spent 3 months trying to close an upsell opportunity and you lost it. Hey, it happens to the best of us! After you get over the loss, you do what’s natural and put them into a marketing nurture sequence until they are ready. Only now, you can use Engagio to see what piece of content or activities are moving the needle towards re-opening the opportunity.

Inside the Engagement section of Engagio Analytics, you can filter based on a status of “Closed Lost Opportunity” then group by “Activity”. You will see those accounts that may be “rising from the grave” and are showing signs that they are ready to move forward or they are interested in a different product line… BOOM cross-sell! Now you will know the best time to reach out and create an even more robust deal.

3. Focus on what matters

Speaking of different product lines, imagine tracking engagement at the product feature level and using those usage statistics to drive product decisions. That’s right, it’s Account Based Product Development! For example, if 80% of your accounts were only using a specific product feature, you may want to double down on that feature and also communicate other capabilities of the product to that user base.

In the engagement section of Engagio, you can see what products your customers are spending the most time with by adding filters (see example below). As a CSM, you will be able to have more detailed monthly check-ins and continue to drive stickiness into that specific product feature. If you are Customer Marketing, you will know what type of content is relevant to send. And finally, if you’re on the Product Development Team, you can take reports straight from Engagio to show your executive team how & where the company should build the roadmap.

Engagio filters

4. Save Red Accounts

When you are dealing with a delicate red account, wouldn’t you love to see who is still engaging with you or responding to your campaigns? What pages are they visiting? Inside Engagio, you can see people engaging who may not be on the buying team but have significant influence in the buying/renewal process. Perhaps at the next Quarterly Business Review or monthly check in, you can ask your champion to invite a wider group and include those active users you just discovered.

This could also be an indicator that – SURPRISE! –your champion left the company and, you had no idea until you saw increased engagement from someone else.

Between onboarding, upselling and renewals, where do you find the time to see if your customers are logging in? Obviously not everything in Customer Success should be automated but this is an area where it works. Here at Engagio, we are interested in looking at activity and engagement of our users. Take the metric that is important to you and automate the process. We have created a “days since last login” field at the Contact level in Salesforce. Once they drop a certain number of days that we are not comfortable with, they are automatically added to a Salesforce Campaign, which then Triggers a Play in PlayMaker. The CSM has a task to Customize the email. Here it is below:


5. Overachieve Dollar Retention Rate

On average, every purchase now requires 5.4 people to formally sign off on. Each additional person that is added to the decision making team, slows down your sales cycle. However, you’ve identified all the right people and carefully examined their engagement at each account from the beginning.

Now it’s time to prep for the renewal. However, it should be a pretty quick and painless process because you’ve been running reports, documenting how your solution is being used internally and have mapped the key selling messages for each account inside Engagio. Including issues and challenges from the support cases. You look like one company with a single, compelling story.

Imagine being able to show the decision maker that the account has spent 325 minutes engaging with you this quarter, up 232% from only 140 last quarter. And imagine being able to drill into the data to show the specific activity with the biggest growth. This is certainly a sign that the renewal should be in the bag.

Next, you can take the data you have been capturing, create relevant messaging and deliver it in PlayMaker. This is a powerful ten-step renewal Play that is triggered 90 days out from the expiration of the account’s contract. For full Play details along with all Engagio Plays, visit our Playbook.

Take Aways

A whopping 84% of ABM marketers report improved customer relationships that led to retaining or expanding accounts. Bottom line, you want to make your customers feel special. That means that even an automated email needs to have a purpose and be relevant. Inconsistent and empty messages are like insults to your customer.

The highly personalized nature of Engagio means that all interactions are synchronized across channels and are highly targeted to maximize relevance. Engagio delivers what is most important, which is the ultimate experience for your customers. We encourage you to take what you have learned here and apply it to your process.