Little more than 24 hours ago, Vine became available on the Google Play store, cue Instagram flashbacks. Ostracized Android users, myself among them, now have a chance to become masters of the six-second movie, instantly doubling the potential audience for the platform.

While Twitter supported Vine videos in its desktop application, many Twitter clients, such as TweetDeck and HootSuite, didn’t: meaning that Vine videos appeared as mere links rather than the tasty morsels of embedded content they were intended to be. However, now with the App nestled firmly on their home screen, Android and iOS users alike can browse through feeds bite-size videos to their hearts’ content.

So what does this mean for businesses? Like the early days of Twitter street-savvy brands have snatched up Vine, but there aren’t many B2B users to be found. Obvious choices such as social superstars Hubspot and MarketingProfs and in-air internet providers Gogo have naturally made their mark on the platform, but it’s General Electric who are really showing us how it’s done.

So here are 5 lessons we can learn from General Electric as future B2B Vine users.

1. Education

With foundations in early scientific innovation, General Electric take their science very seriously. From history lessons, mathematical equations to the periodic table it’s all part of the General Electric global message, all compiled into six-second snapshots. This video of the periodic table word game is just one example of their posts, which shows how they take potentially weighty subject matter and make it lighthearted and accessible.

2. Entertainment

I’ve said it countless times already that social media has to retain it’s social element for it to work. The way General Electric are doing this is through quick games such as this Where’s the Robot video. Not only is it a sweet video, but it’s also engaging because people are going to want to answer the puzzle and share the video. The robot is also a recurring theme in General Electric’s videos, always nice to have a familiar face.

3. History

General Electric was founded by Thomas Edison and so he features regularly in their Vine content. Posts such as this to mark his birthday are a simple idea, but bring a nice wholesome feel the company. Not only is it providing interesting content to viewers, it can also help with the company’s brand association.

4. How-To

Creating content people get something out of is the key to creating good content. That’s why Tips-and-Tricks and How-To style posts are so popular. Think of how many times you’ve learned something from a YouTube tutorial. General Electric’s video on keeping office cables tidy is not only practical but it’s also a nice example of stop-motion, which Vine is particularly great for.

5. Creativity

A pie that never ends, who would have thought that Vine would make this possible? If we were to learn anything from General Electric about effectively using Vine as part of your social strategy, we could learn it all here. First of all, it was posted on “Pie Day” something math geeks and number nerds all over the world get giddy about, and so appealing to their engineering customers. It’s also incredibly creative, Vine videos automatically loop and replay over and over which many users are not taking advantage of.

As a utilities company, you’d be forgiven for assuming social media would not be a strong point for General Electric, but oh how they have proven us wrong. Generally, their social media strategy is quite exceptional – displaying a variety of content that at a glance seems very scattered but is in fact incredibly focused.

This is why General Electric are a prime example of how to use Vine for B2B social media. Knowing your customers, be they engineers, science-nerds or CEOs with some downtime and catering to their social media needs.

How do you use Vine as part of your social media strategy?

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