I don’t know how I ever lived without my smartphone.  Whether I want to find a good restaurant in my area, catch up with friends on Facebook, or keep up with client needs on the go — there’s so much of my life in that little device!  Both personally and professionally, I’m sure many others value the instant gratification as much as I do!

This led me to brainstorm and do a little research on how companies (and B2B in particular) can take advantage of mobile technologies by integrating the medium into their marketing strategy.  Here are  the best tips that I’ve found:

1. Social media on the go.  This is more geared toward use of your own smartphone than that of your clients’, but I think it’s equally important.  In the age of social search, a Facebook presence has become increasingly important.  However, B2B firms often face the challenge of finding something interesting enough to post on their Facebook pages.  When you are attending events and conferences, take candid shots and upload to Facebook.  Think like a reporter, and get out the latest breaking news as it happens

2. Mobilize your blog.  There are plenty of sites online that let you create free mobile apps. One I’ve tried out is called Conduit. I’m still in the testing stages, but, in a short period of time, I was able to create an app of our company blog page.  Personally, when I download apps for blog pages, I’m definitely more likely to check in often than if I have to remember to go on to a Web site.

3. Prepare your site to be mobile-ready.   There are a few key rules to making your Web site mobile-friendly:  keep navigation simple, make text concise, don’t go overboard on photos, design for the constraints of a small screen, and be sure to test on different types of devices.

4. Create mobile-friendly content.  Consider that in addition to using a much smaller screen, your audience is most likely on the go and/or multi-tasking — consuming smartphone media at the same time as other media.  Knowing this, content needs to be both receivable by mobile and able to keep the viewer’s interest.  With this in mind, I recommendembracing multi-media content.  Smartphone users may be more likely to view YouTube videos or listen to podcasts than to read lengthy articles and whitepapers.

5. Use QR Codes.  A great networking idea is to integrate a QR code into your business cards or letterhead.  This could link to a v-card or your social media profile so contacts can add your information to their contacts or add you as a LinkedIn connection before you even leave the event!

What’s most important when making a mobile marketing (or any marketing) plan is to know your audience and connect with their needs, as well as how they think and make decisions.  I would love to hear what tactics others are using to cater to their growing mobile audience!