b2b marketingWhen it comes to b2b marketing, not everyone is deemed good at it. Newbies will find themselves shaking at the sight of prospects (and the conversation hasn’t even begun!) What more can you expect when the potential client reaches out his/her hand for a handshake.

People can sense fear. Thus, a small sign of shaking can lead to numerous doubts to fill up inside the prospect’s head. If the sales pitch is handled poorly, consider that prospect gone – out – left the building – shooed – lost – or any other word or phrase out there that pertains to them leaving your sight without a trace.

What separates these highly successful marketers to the not-so-successful ones? Here’s the list.

  1. They listen first before talkingEven if you’re not scared when facing your prospect, do not ever be overly too eager. Give your potential client a chance to talk. In fact, let them do the talking most of the time. Listen to their needs and when you have the GO signal then you can talk to them on how you can resolve their needs.
  2. Selective hearing is a big no-noPeople hear what they want to hear. DO NOT practice this. Don’t get caught in a situation where you would reply “I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention, what was it again?” Always listen. Even if the prospect’s story is a complete bore (but don’t tell that to them either). If you don’t know exactly how to reply to their banter, their joke, or their story, just smile or nod to make your potential client know that you are, in fact, listening. After they have finished their idle talk, you can proceed with the topic at hand.
  3. Your smartphone; put it away for the time beingEven if you’ve spent hundreds of dollars with that top of the line smartphone, put it away from the time being. Or if you can’t, turn it off or turn on the silent-mode. Why? Think about it; you’re in a business meeting with your prospect and all of a sudden your husband/wife wants you to pick up some milk and eggs on your way home. Now you have to think of a good excuse for wasting your potential client’s time.
  4. Don’t think of what you will receive after the saleEvery salesperson wants to receive profit from a sale. However, don’t think about what gadget you’re going to buy after, and IF, you close that sale. If you think about such things during your meeting chances are you will drift off and daydream. Generating accounting leads? Then don’t be blinded by how their money can increase your profit gain.
  5. It’s not all about you. It’s about THEM.

    When you’re talking to your potential client, they are searching for what you can provide to them and not what you can provide to yourself. Don’t always talk about YOU and what YOU do for a living. You are part of a business, and as such you should refer to yourself as we; as in you and you’re colleagues within the business that you work with. You don’t own the company (well if you do, don’t be all arrogant about it). As much as possible, talk about how your company can help your prospect and not what your prospect can provide your company.

Being a successful b2b marketer is not easy but it should not be difficult. Be confident but not arrogant. Don’t submit to your fears and just play it out naturally. So if you’re an advertiser or one that wants to get sales leads, then follow these characteristics and pretty soon your closed sales ratio will rise like there’s no tomorrow.

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