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Call tracking is a must for B2B digital marketers, who can track and record information from the second users land on their website. Tracking platforms are an affordable, quick and efficient way to analyse how users interact with a page or how a sale was made. But how can marketers fully utilise them?

1. Attributing Revenue to Marketing

Visits on B2B websites convert roughly 2-10% of the time. This event can be tracked on Google Analytics but it might be worth investing in more complex tools to track phone enquiries, as about 80% of them convert to sales. B2B marketers cannot let their website be the main source for sales. Humans will always prefer talking to a real person rather than filling online forms, hence the need for a visible call to action on landing pages. Response Tap, Media Hawk and Infinity Cloud are efficient call tracking platforms to record the quality of these calls, and show how marketing campaigns are performing. Call tracking allows marketers to attribute revenue to marketing, based on offline and online insights.

2. Getting Insights on User Experience

Call tracking platforms provide marketers with the full picture of customer journey. Similarly to Google Analytics, these platforms gather data to discover more information about the caller. Businesses can also create and use their own proprietary platform to track their client calls. Adding tags, logging phone call durations, tracking users and downloading calls all make the base of an excellent call tracking platform, along with showing where visitors come from. From call tracking, B2B marketers should be able to tell if users found their company through organic SEO, PPC or other sources like social media. A custom phone number is created by the platform and displayed to users each time they visit a landing page, forwarding them to the business. This system provides marketers insights to upgrade user journey and customer experience.

3. Tailored Features For Different Needs

Response Tap, Infinity Cloud and Media Hawk have similar features to answer all business needs. Response Tap is the winning tracking platform in terms of features, providing B2B marketers with value for money, call recording, safe client login, live call viewing, reporting on locations, the possibility of recording greetings messages, source channels and of course the integration into CRM systems. Infinity Cloud and Media Hawk provide all of these features except for client logins and live calls viewing, which may be inconvenient for progress reporting and do not offer the same level of privacy. Integration to CRMs is a key for large B2B companies who need all systems to work in sync: Media Hawk integrates its call tracking platform to all but Salesforce, one of the leaders in the field.

4. Integration to CRM Systems

CRM integration is vital in choosing the right call tracking platform. B2B marketers add leads to CRMs at all stages of the sales process. Integrating call tracking into the Salesforce system lets marketers add leads as soon as the call (from the generated custom phone number) begins. The most interesting feature of call tracking platform is letting the customer service team see the source of the call, from call location to the keywords typed by users. Marketers can later add conversion details and use the data on systems such as Google Analytics or Adwords to optimise the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.

5. Converting Calls to Adwords

With mobile use increasing rapidly and taking over desktop use, B2B businesses are relying on conversions from mobile – a task perfectly handled by Google ads: Mobile users can call the business directly from SERPS by tapping on the ad, a step made even easier by Adwords with the ‘click-to-call’ technology. PPC ads are easy to set up and the click to call tool is free for Adwords account holders, but unfortunately Google has not released a call recording option yet that allows marketers to listen and analyse past calls to improve performance.

The nature of B2B activities will determine the best call tracking platform to choose, but this is an element that must be integrated to an overall marketing strategy.