Working with an outside partner for lead generation services or B2B sales is occasionally a complicated relationship. Since they’re handling all of your new leads and setting up new appointments for your inside sales team, you want to be sure you can track metrics to showcase success.


Naturally, many business leaders fear for their revenue and sales pipeline when they outsource their lead management (or their entire inside sales team) to an external B2B sales lead partner. So now that you’ve handed off part of your sales process to an outside partner, how do you know if you’ve made the right choice?

They Co-Create Your Definition Of Success

At the beginning of your engagement, your sales lead partner should work with you to define what success looks like for your business, your sales pipeline and your revenue goals. Pay attention to what input or advice they bring to the table during this definition phase.

A less reliable B2B sales partner allows you to define your own level of success without providing specific expertise or thought leadership relevant to your business situation, a confident sales lead partner co-creates your definition of success, drawing upon years of experience and insight in the sales industry.

They Invest In Their Team For The Long-Term

Another easy way to measure the reliability of an outsourced sales partner is to look at their track record with their own team members. Investigate their employee turnover – is it higher than you’d expect it to be? How do they manage turnover so that it does not affect your prospects’ sales experience and your business outcomes ?

Also look at their sales training and retention programs. Do they have a structured professional development program that helps them manage their people for success? The sales industry is constantly evolving, and a reliable B2B sales lead partner consistently develops their team – giving you the industry-leading edge in sales and lead generation services.

They Understand Your Industry – And Your Competitors

Every business and industry has unique needs for its sales cycle and pipeline. Everything from closing rates, established norms and sales process timing are industry-dependent, and your business deserves to have a sales lead partner that understands those nuances with your company’s selling space.

A trustworthy outsourced sales partner also keeps an eye on your competition. In many cases, understanding how your competitors sell to potential prospects helps your sales team go one step further – ensuring you capture more leads and finalize more deals. The right B2B sales lead partner continually researches the marketplace and advises you on new competitive sales approaches.

Their Lead Generation Services Drive Results

While all the other measurements and considerations mentioned are important for finding a trustworthy sales lead provider for your business, the most important metric to examine is how effectively their lead generation services produce results for your bottom line.

A reliable outsourced sales partner should be warming up and handing off leads that convert and close once those leads are connected with your inside sales team. In addition, their top-of-the-funnel salespeople should be giving you additional insight and comments to help you close the lead more effectively. Finally, the best metric for determining a quality B2B sales lead partner is to measure whether the provider identifies more opportunities than what you originally asked for.

If you’ve been doubting the expertise or experience of your sales lead partner, it’s time to test them against these four factors and determine if they measure up. The best outsourced sales partners not only meet but exceed these measures in helping drive new revenue for your business.