b2b messaging

Between emails, social media, video and online ads, the amount of noise that audiences and your prospects receive is more frequent than ever. The need to deliver relevant and impactful messaging is becoming more and more important. Compelling B2B messaging can help you stand out from your competitors and reach your clients with strong positioning, simple calls-to-action (CTA’s) and impactful content. By adopting consistent messaging across all your marketing channels, you will guide your target audience to the behavior that you want them to engage in and help them find the specific solutions they have been looking for. These four things are essential to ensuring your B2B messaging makes the most impact on the right audience.

1. Be Consistent

Being strategic about your B2B communication ensures that your audience is getting consistent messages across all your platforms. Regardless of whether they first encounter your organization on your website, on social media, by email or advertising, they see the same coherent message that you strategically developed. Organizations that present their brand consistently across platforms can increase revenue up to 23%. When you develop strong messaging, you can establish a connection between your brand and your audience by providing detailed, valuable content they’ll find compelling and relevant. Consistency is key to building brand awareness and helping your audience understand what you are all about. You don’t have to repeatedly deliver them with the same messages over and over, but make sure that the most important elements of your message are repeated as often as possible.

2. Be Informed

Understanding what your audience and potential buyers are looking for can guide what messages you create and deliver. This is why buyer persona development and research is so important. By being informed about the characteristics of your buyers, you can closely tailor your message and strategically guide your target audience along the buyer’s journey. Most importantly, a strong B2B messaging strategy turns your audience from strangers into knowledgeable buyers. They feel inspired and intrigued by your message and they know you exist to fulfill a need or pain point they have. Your potential buyers can’t buy from you or influence the decision makers in their organization if they don’t know why you exist, and messaging gives them that “why.”

3. Be Purposeful

When developing a B2B messaging strategy, you must have a clearly defined purpose for each element that it is comprised of. Adopt a single set of messages that can be adjusted and used across all your marketing channels. This creates a cohesive experience for your target audience. A good messaging strategy will have a framework that breaks down the information you want to communicate into different levels of complexity. That framework should also be hierarchical to match where your potential customers are in their buyer’s journey. Different stages can be best targeted with appropriate messaging. Ensuring that buyers are consuming the most relevant message at their position is key to moving them down the funnel. Be intent and purposeful on what messages are delivered at what times.

4. Be Authentic

Your message should be honest, clearly represent your company and be relevant to your target audience. Be sure that your message is clear and concise. Audiences want to easily understand your message and if that is unclear, there can be confusion. Being authentic also includes your organization’s core values. Prospects will continue to increase their trust of your brand if your core values are instilled in your messaging. They are getting the full experience and understanding of what you stand for. If your message is focused and based on research about what your target audience is moved by, it will stick with them and get them interested in learning more.

Without a strong B2B messaging strategy, it will be all too easy for your content to get out of sync across channels, dilute your value adds and frustrate your audience with lack of clarity and understanding.

Sticking to these tried-and-true fundamentals will ensure that your messaging efforts are on-point and optimized to effectively move your leads down the sales funnel.