You need growth in your business. Being in the digital marketing space, I see many agencies taking over all digital marketing campaigns for companies.

While they do get results, the question is this the best path for your business?

I want to break down the drawbacks of outsourcing all your digital marketing efforts to an agency.

1. You will be lost on key metrics.

If you don’t know the metrics you need to improve for your company, how can you judge is your dollars have been well spent on marketing? It pains me to see owners invest, and say “I have no idea if it was worth it.” The days of living in the dark about the ROI of marketing are over. That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with the numbers.

2. Your brand will lose authenticity.

The voice of your organization can be altered, or diluted when an outside party is trying to convey it. By having an individual, or team that’s actually in the trenches with you, your authentic voice will be heard. Community and comradery make a brand, so why have someone outside of it market it?

3. The service will be standardized.

By working with an agency, you are becoming just a number. Any agency at large scale must have a standardized approach to serving you. While this makes the most sense for them, it doesn’t always fit your needs. Every business model needs a customized strategy to be executed to gain the most impact.

4. You are open to overspend.

Many agencies are used to getting large budgets for projects; this makes them not as efficient with ad spend. They don’t have the same relationship with your capital as you do. Your organization has more vested interest in the success of your business than any agency ever would.


  • Learn the basics of digital marketing.

  • Hire at least one person to work within the company on digital marketing efforts.

  • Hire a consultant to train, and keep the individual/team performing at their highest level.

Originally published here.