Can’t seem to find room on your home page to post content?

You’re in luck! Trashing these 3 generic space-wasters will free up plenty of pixels for content that actually matters.

Office building stock photo

Buildings (even if it’s yours)

Intended message: We’re a big, strong, professional organization.
Actual message: Our web developer put this building picture in as a place holder and we haven’t gotten around to updating it.

Handshake Stock photo

The Handshake

Intended message: We get things done!
Actual message: We can’t clearly define what we actually get done and why it matters.

Team stock photo

The Team

Intended message: We are people who care passionately about what we do.
Actual message: We are a generic company with generic executives selling generic products/services for generic customers.

What to replace them with

  • Offers for your white papers, webinars, blog, etc.
  • Links to your Facebook, Twitter and Linked In pages.
  • Nothing. Even white space is better than generic images; it will help the other content on your site stand out.