Last week was the first post in this series that brings you the hottest discussion and articles from the Topliners, a gathering place for people who want to increase their top-line revenue. This week we ran the gamut from a brain test to a spam law – there’s never a dull moment at Topliners!

Imagine It: Are you Left Brain or Right Brain Dominant? This one sparked some fun conversation. Be sure to read through all the comments for other online test ideas. (Personally, I was shocked to find out I am more left-brained than right!)

See It: Sonic Foundry Boosts CTR by 224% with A/B Testing – A great example of how something as simple as a subject line can have a stunning effect. This article also includes some handy tips and advice about A/B testing.

Do It: Canada’s Anti SPAM Law – Canada’s Online Protection Legislation (COPL)This article was written a few weeks ago but it’s still getting top hits this week, probably because it’s a great explanation in layman’s terms of what the law actually means and its possible impact on email deliverability. Well worth a read.

Join the conversation. Maybe you’ll start a discussion that earns top honors and is featured here on a Friday.