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B2B telemarketing is one of the best approaches to use in generating sales leads for your business. Some do it through in-house staff, some others choose to outsource. Still, telemarketing is one of those sure-fire ways for you to generate a positive ROI. The difference between in-house B2B telemarketing and outsourcing is that when you outsource, you’ll be assigning and leaving your campaign in the hands of telemarketing experts with years of experience of doing what they do. But when you choose in-house, then chances are you’ll be employing fresh new faces in the telemarketing industry, and of course, you may have no idea on where to take your campaign. So, here are a few tips for helping you run your B2B telemarketing campaign.

  • Define your target and focus on it – The first thing you need to do is to determine your target industry and learn its market. B2B telemarketing can only be effective when you know your target market and focus on it. Through proper market research, you can learn all the current trends and what products and services are most sellable and build your marketing scheme to fit into the market. Using phone surveys through telemarketing is one way of doing market research, something your in-house telemarketers can do for you in the early stages of your campaign.
  • Formulate a good call script – Coming up with a good call script is one way of helping your campaign with generating good leads. After all, the call script is what a telemarketer would use when initial contact with your prospects is done, meaning that this would serve as their opening spiels to them. Whatever content is on your call script will tell your prospect a lot of what type of company you are so it is best to keep it short and simple. Don’t be stingy with important details but don’t get too into it as well as to ensure that you don’t drive away your prospects interests. Also, leave parts in your script for qualifying questions so you can find qualified prospects during your lead generation campaign.
  • Use cold-calling – Many marketers are asking the question “is cold-calling dead?”, however, cold-calling still exists to be one of the most effective mediums of generating leads and in finding qualified prospects. Cold-calling is not dead, rather, some do it improperly thus it does not work as many believe it to. Having a good call script ready and focusing on the industry you are most marketable in is the way to go when using cold-calling. If lead generation is your aim and want high-quality leads, then use this method in doing so.

Use these tips when running and planning out your B2B telemarketing campaign. Know your target industry, research it, and focus on it to make sure you have everything mapped out before you start generating leads. Formulate your call script down to every detail and make sure that it gives your prospects and understanding of what you do all the while keeping it short and simple so as not to bore them out with too many details. Lastly, use cold-calling, the best medium for generating high-quality leads and finding qualified prospects.