Get ready B2B Marketers – events season is back!

And when it comes to the big day, we’re raring to go and ready to meet our event goals. But have you really considered how you are integrating your digital marketing activity to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity?

Maximise your event performance by integrating digital tech into your pre, during and post event activity. Here’s our must-have 3 step guide to get you started.

Step #1 – Ramping Up Your Game Pre-Event

Creating a pre-event buzz around your brand is guaranteed to drive delegates to your stand and encourage them to engage with you – but to be successful, you’ll have to think outside the box.

Quick wins with email: Incorporating event promotion into your email campaigns is a quick win when telling your prospects and clients about your big day. Think about adding an events segment into your newsletters, updating employee signatures or sending out dedicated VIP invites to your key clients. These tactics will help spread the announcement without drawing attention from your core message.

Don’t forget about getting social. It’s time to really shout about your event presence – but to stand out against the other sponsors, it’s going to take more than just a #hashtag. Think beyond the usual social platforms and incorporate the likes of Pinterest and Vine too. Consider a social teaser campaign that leaves delegates curious about your stand or encourages them to enagage.

Drive pre-event traffic: Don’t forget that news articles and onsite announcements are just as important as social. Make it loud and clear what the benefits are of visiting your stand and what you’ll be doing over the course of the event.

Step #2 – The Big Day

Think outside your stand: You’ll no doubt have a solid plan in place and have a team briefed ready to convert visitors to your stand – but be careful not to neglect your online presence whilst you are at the show. Consider sending one of your marketing gurus solely to focus on your social presence, you’ll drive great engagement and brand reach not only during the event – but after too! Don’t forget the official event #hashtag and make sure to engage with on-topic conversations.

Top Tip: Share your key learnings from the speaker sessions to make sure you not only reach delegates and prospects, but also reach your other followers. Your usual followers will want to feel included too and you’ll position yourself as a thought leader.

And why stop with social? According to B2B Marketing, video is the No. 1 content channel that will make you stand out from your competitors. And where better to get video savvy than a room full of your prospects?

Think Q&A’s with delegates, words of wisdom from keynote speakers and let’s not forget the all-important competition. With a recent study from Simply Measured showing video is shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined, this is your chance to get your brand out there and in front of the relevant decision makers.

Step #3 – Post-Event

Turn those valuable leads into event ROI. Post-event time is critical to ensuring you turn those valuable leads into new business that will deliver ROI. So don’t relax yet, it’s time to convert like never before!

Get ready, set, go! Making sure you have post-event lead management in place is critical to your success. All event leads should be followed up in a timely manner – the longer a lead sits untouched, the colder it becomes and the more likely it is that your competitors will jump in first.

Spoil your prospects with content. While your sales team are following up your all-important leads, utilising the content you collected at the event is important whilst it’s fresh. Consider turning your stats into infographics, edit and embed your videos onsite and onto your key sharing platforms. Not only will your encourage delegate engagement, but you could reach future prospects for your next B2B event.

Turn missed opportunities into leads. Remember – Not everyone will visit your stand on the day, but if they’re interested in your product or service, they will visit your website. Website intelligence software allows you to identify the anonymous visitors to your website and follow up on these golden sales opportunities that you might have otherwise missed.

This blog was originally posted on the Lead Forensics website. Read the original article here.