When it comes to making business decisions that involve an investment, your boss’ bank balance might not be the biggest fan, but they will be worth every penny.

As is the same in any business, if you make a decision to invest in something, you will only do so if it brings in a good return on that investment. So, what three things should your company be investing in?

Business Internet

With the advancement of technology there are more businesses with internet at their offices or distribution centre than ever before, but a lot of those businesses ‘get by’ with the internet they have. Often these companies will lose signal or will be slow to the amount of users, which can have an effect on productivity and efficiency.

By investing in a fast business internet that has the ability to perform a multitude of tasks across your workplace, your workflow will be much smoother.

Online Marketing

Standing out in a competitive industry is getting harder and harder too as many companies are investing their money in online marketing. The problem you face is, do you join them or do you get left behind? The former is definitely something you should consider. There is a lot of money in the search engine optimisation game and that’s because Google and other search engines are continually updating their algorithms to ensure people are finding businesses and services as relevant as possible to their search.

What this means for you is that your website needs to optimised as best as possible, so you don’t get left behind and your conversions don’t suffer. You don’t have to chuck thousands at your website to get it to perform, you just need to get it right.

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud services are growing in popularity too, and for good reason. Onsite servers take up space, use energy and create unnecessary heat. They also need a lot more maintenance than the cloud does. Cloud computing is a way to ensure your documents are much safer, securer and are backed up. The last thing you want to be doing is completing an important document, save it and then the server dies and all your work is gone. With the cloud, this doesn’t happen, meaning daily tasks are in a place that you can trust.

Cloud computing has also proven its benefits to the environment too. As mentioned, onsite servers use a lot of energy and create unnecessary heat, all things that the cloud just doesn’t do. Cloud computing can be scaled up and down dependant on the growth of your company too.

So, when trying to figure out what your company should be doing and investing in, consider these three things to improve your business productivity.