In today’s world of cut-throat competition, the success of your business depends on the marketing strategies that you adopt. Content marketing is an extremely useful strategy in the world of business to business.

Successfully reaching out to other potential clients fundamentally means how effectively you display your content and the locations that you select for that purpose.

From social media to formal emails, as someone who is involved in the B2B industry, you cannot overlook any of the options that are available to you for sharing your content.

We are here to help you, by suggesting the 21 best places that you must try for sharing your content..

1. Flipboard

Started as a feed reader in a magazine-inspired style, Flipboard had around 90 million readers back in 2013! Readers mainly use Flipboard to discover new content and read about it.

This is one of the best places that you can choose for marketing your content to prospective readers.

Initially developed just for reading content, due to its popularity, Flipboard has become a personalized app. Readers can subscribe to any specific feed, follow a topic that they find interesting, and even keep a track of their social media life.

Flipboard’s main aim is to collect the best content and accumulate it all in one spot. So, it’s easy to create your own magazine on it now. This is a great idea if you wish to expand and attract more readers, as Flipboard is a sure-shot guarantee of excellent and well-curated content.

2. Advocate Driven Sharing

Just spending hours on your content and then hitting “Publish” is no guarantee of success. In fact, the mammoth task isn’t publishing your post, but actually getting the right people to see it. This is where brand advocates can be useful.

Brand advocates ensure that your content reaches the right audience. You can solely focus on shaping well-written content while they handle the marketing for you. Advocates will love being a part of your growth story; after all, your brand gives them a sense of belonging. If you write fun, light-hearted articles that enjoy social media popularity, your advocates will do a good job of sharing your content. Just make sure your articles are easy to understand and well-structured, and keep a close track on the sharing so that you can thank your advocates later on.

3. Outbrain Remarketing

The Outbrain network can target the correct customers within its community in an effective marketing strategy for your content. Their successful marketing campaigns use retargeting to target the visitors who have previously visited a website and expressed an interest in a brand.

And with a new product called Custom Audiences, Outbrain can enable your content to be recommended throughout its huge network of publishers.

This will again provide valuable content to those visiting the website. In fact, you can now break down the different types of visitors to your website and target them with content that matches their interests and needs.

4. Taboola Retargeting

If we’re talking about content marketing how can we forget one of the best content discovery platforms that markets over 360 billion recommendations to over 1 billion website visitors each month – Taboola?! It is one of the best publisher sites, used by famous names like USA Today and Fox Sports.

Taboola retargeting enables your content to be suggested on some of the best publishing sites. You can selectively target the audience that is interested in your area of expertise, based on your traffic, and you can also select the content that works best for you and build more awareness around your brand.

5. Twitter Remarketing

Twitter is a platform which just magnifies the power of words – those 140 characters can either make you or break you. And with Twitter’s Tailored Audiences you can now reach out to customers who have already expressed an interest in your business, so you know that you are curating content for individuals who will be interested in your content.

Twitter’s innovative service can help you to create effective remarketing campaigns by enabling you reach out to those who have visited your website, indulged in any activity on your mobile app, or you can even use your email lists to reach out to potential customers.

6. Google Remarketing

Google has single-handedly changed the way business is done all over the world, so it is natural for Google to feature on this list. When it comes to ensuring that your B2B content is reaching out to the right audience you can always rely on Google Remarketing.

Google can help you in innumerable ways – you can just target people who have visited your website, or reach out to those who didn’t buy anything but did add some products to their carts.

You can also keep track of how your content or products are faring, where they are showing up and the price that you are paying. Your content can even appear on the screens of those people who are engaged in searching for your business.

7. Reddit Paid

Reddit is visited by over 250 million people and supports over 50,000 different communities that share different interests and ideas. The most relevant content in each and every field is shared every day and almost any type of content is highly likely to find an interested audience on this platform.

Managing your content campaign on Reddit is easy with its friendly tools. Getting started is easier than you think, as there are no technical requirements to fulfil. With just a daily budget of $5 you are all set to display your content to a huge audience, where the potential for interesting readers to discover your content is higher than ever!

8. Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing works very much like Google, except that your ads and content are displayed on Facebook rather than on the websites that fall within the Display Network.

When customers visit your website or express remote interest in your brands, they will be followed. Then, when they are scrolling through their Facebook home feed, your website ads pop up again, reminding them of what they’re missing out on.

With monthly visitors exceeding the population of China and billions of clicks every year, there is nothing to better Facebook Remarketing, and Facebook also gives you the advantage of having your friends and family on board!

9. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a great way to make your business shine in a very short time span. The forum audience consists of experts and bloggers who are authorities in their field and are closely followed by thousands of people online. So, if they are attracted to your business, like your product and even as much as put out one positive statement about your brand, you will witness sales increase dramatically almost overnight!

10. Q&A Websites

In the case of small to medium businesses, Q&A websites are one of the most efficient ways of generating traffic towards to your site. These sites mainly consist of questions and answers that are asked and answered by different users.

Since there are usually long tail keywords in the questions, these sites can quickly collect search engine traffic along with their regular visitors. An example is Quora which is the 140th largest site in the world.

However, you must keep a few things in mind when using these platforms. Always answer the latest questions if possible, answer questions that have a greater number of views as this means that people are interested in that question, and also try to answer those questions which have not acquired many responses as this increases your chance of being spotted in a crowd.

11. Communities Marketing

Many organizations grossly underestimate the influence that communities can have in the successful running of a company. Communities marketing plays a very important role because it is an efficient method to reach out to the appropriate audience, providing you with feedback and even amplifying your reach.

Companies and marketers are only now re-discovering the role that communities play in marketing their products and services to the right audience.

12. Employee Advocacy

Apart from the promoter or the owner, only the employees know an organization inside out. Thus, marketing content through your employees is a good idea, as they know about your products and services, and can tap into a huge number of interested customers through their personal, professional and social contacts.

Excellent knowledge, coupled with an audience that is interested in the niche, will give you the successful results that you are seeking.

13. SEO

It is not possible for a reader to go through all the pages of results that Google and other popular search engines produce when he types in keywords. Many readers won’t even venture off the first page of search results. That is why it is important to ensure that your website or blog ranks well and appears in the first few options, so that you have a higher chance of directing more traffic to your website or blog.

14. Article Roundups

Being a good content curator is not easy. If you can get ‘down and dirty’ and come up with amazing article roundups, then not only will the readers be thankful to you for helping them understand a specific topic in a particular industry, but they will also keep coming back to your site as their trust grows.

Using article roundups in this way, your work gets all the credit it deserves and also reaches out to the right audience.

15. Your email list

We are so busy looking for new ways to share content that the most simple, obvious and still effective technique skips our eye! We are talking about your own email list.

This has the addresses of everyone you know (perhaps some on a personal basis) who are very likely to share your posts among their contacts and ask them to do the same.

This enables your content to be circulated within a much larger group of people than you probably imagined. Moreover, you can feel sure that they will make the effort since they know you well.

16. Twitter

Twitter hashtags have become something of a trend nowadays. Any major event leads to the creation of a new hashtag. All related tweets carry the same hashtag, so just by typing in the hashtag, you can easily be taken to related posts in a matter of a few seconds.

So, if you are interested in any topic related to an important recent event, make sure your post has the necessary hashtags so the right readers can easily find it and read it!

17. Pinterest

Everyone is aware of the popularity that Pinterest enjoys! After all, it has millions of members who regularly surf for ideas on a subject or post their take on it. The attraction of Pinterest is that it contains something for everybody – from different styles of gift wrapping to wall painting ideas. Virtually every topic is covered there.

Since there are millions of people visiting Pinterest, it’s a great opportunity for your content to reach your target audience.

18. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn targets the professional world. However, LinkedIn can also help you to publish your content to an interested audience.

It can help you to find and target people based on their skills, the company that they work for, and several other factors, so that you can market your campaign accordingly. You can be assured that the campaign is being promoted to the right group.

19. Google Communities

This is very much like Facebook, but in a slightly more professional world, where people share their ideas and projects to those interested in that specific field. People can join different communities according to their interests.

At any given point, a community is filled with people who are keenly interested in a particular subject, so you can target any community that you feel is the best audience for your post, product or services.

20. Facebook Groups

In addition to specific Facebook marketing or remarketing, the huge Facebook population contains numerous groups or pages covering a diverse range of topics, interests and subjects.

Facebook users who are interested in a specific niche can post their thoughts or articles, comment, like and share content from time to time.

Since all the members of a specific page or group are interested in that particular topic, bringing your content to their attention is certainly a good marketing strategy.

21. Guest Blogging

Write a guest post for a popular blogger or ask a famous blogger to write a post for your blog!

If a well-known blogger on a specific topic writes something for your blog, he or she will be introducing you to his or her own audience. This will enable you to gain access to a wider group of people who are already interested in that particular topic.

Final thoughts,

We hope you learned of some new ideas and places to share b2b content and grow your reach. If you have any more suggestions? do share in the comments.

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