If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

There is a demand right now for skilled B2B marketers who can orchestrate complex campaigns involving both traditional and digital channels. According to McKinley’s 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends Report, 69% of marketing leaders anticipate growing their teams and hiring new marketers this year – a 25% increase over 2017.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, marketers ruin everything. Once an effective marketing tactic or method gets traction, it soon becomes oversaturated. The smartest marketers master new methods, tactics and channels first, long before the noisy majority move in. To stay at the forefront, B2B marketers must push themselves to grow and add new skills continuously.

Thanks to technology, growing is no longer time-consuming or expensive. Many of the best demand generation training resources don’t require travel or student loan-worthy tuition. To help you wade through the noisy internet to find the best resources, we’ve curated a list of 20 of our favorite continuing education resources for B2B demand marketing.

Demand Generation Training Resources

Many of the resources below are free, and some affordable paid options. Some bill themselves as certifications, while others are just resources for public consumption. All of them, however, provide leading insight into the world of demand generation from some of the best marketers in the business.

Event Marketing

#1: Experiential Marketing Training Camp

With four options held in major metro areas around the country, the Experiential Marketing Training Camp is a one-day production by Event Marketer to “prepare the face-to-face marketing leaders of tomorrow.” Described as a master class, the coursework is likely best suited for individuals who are already actively involved in event marketing.

Topics include:

  • The role of experiential marketing in 2018
  • Insights and case studies from top brands
  • Industry trends, research and best practices

#2. On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing Event Leads

Are you optimizing the revenue potential of your event leads? 70% of marketers say they’re not satisfied with the time it takes to follow up with event leads and 75% of event leads never receive follow-up contact.

This on-demand webinar, presented by Emily Wingrove of Synthio, Frances McCutchon of PFL and Kate Athmer of Integrate, provides best-of-class insights into pre-event planning, refining and routing event data and more.

#3: On-Demand Webinar: How Marketing Ops Can Maximize Event ROI

Operational efficiency has a significant role in how effectively B2B marketers maximize event spend. Marketing operations professionals can benefit from this 30-minute webinar, which also offers downloadable slides.

Topics of discussion include:

  • How to coordinate with sales on event revenue
  • Pre-event activities to impact revenue pipeline
  • Tools and processes for better revenue

Content Marketing

#4: HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Course

The HubSpot Academy offers a number of free courses for digital and inbound marketing disciplines, which according to their stats, have provided certifications to 137,000 marketing professionals.

There are 11 content marketing lessons included in this self-directed course designed to provide basic and intermediate level skills.

B2B marketers can pick and choose among the topics covered, which include:

  • Business Storytelling
  • Effective Content Promotion
  • Creating Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages
  • Developing a Growth Mindset

#5: University of Washington: Certificate in Storytelling and Content Strategy

If you’re ready to make a significant commitment to content marketing as a pillar of your demand marketing career, the University of Washington’s 8-month online course is among the top online programs for professionals looking to grow in content marketing.

The courses focuses on content creation, content strategy and content science. There are some preliminary requirements for applicants, including a background in marketing and applicable work experience.

#6. Content Marketing Institute University

CMI University is a hub for online content education for demand marketers, B2B professionals and other digital professionals from all disciplines. With an ever-evolving curriculum and roster of well-known instructors, such as Joe Pullizzi, Robert Rose and Ardath Albee, students who choose to enroll can engage with coursework as their professional education needs and schedules allow.

At the core of CMI University is a certificate, which consists of a mostly self-paced, 13-module course and quizzes. Passing the certification provides students with access to additional courses added annually.

#7. DigitalMarketer: Content Marketing Mastery

DigitalMarketer’s Content Marketing Mastery course is an advanced course designed for marketers who are already involved in online marketing, with significant work experience. This 6-module, 40-lesson online course is self-paced.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • 60-Second Editorial Planner Techniques
  • Characteristics of Highly Viral Content
  • SEO Health in 2018
  • Organic and Paid Content Distribution Channels

This content mastery course is differentiated from many other certifications and professional education options available online due to its unique focus on the results and marketing aspects of content. Marketers will emerge with an understanding of not only how to create content, but how to get their colleagues to create content, how to drive more results from their content and how to improve content metrics.

#8. Rand Fishkin: Whiteboard Fridays

The founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, started Whiteboard Fridays several years ago as an SEO training video series. His depth of knowledge on search engine optimization is second-to-none, and each video, generally under 10 minutes long, is packed with actionable information to help marketers increase their website traffic.

Social Media Marketing

#9. Digital Marketer: Social & Community Mastery

Much like Digital Marketer’s Content Mastery certification, Social & Community Mastery is an advanced offering consisting of 6 modules and 62 lessons online.

The program focuses on the psychology of social listening, influence and social selling. Students consume the coursework and short quizzes at their own pace and obtain certification with a comprehensive final exam.

The course can offer techniques and templates which educate demand marketers on how to leverage social media to its full advantage, including:

  • The four categories of social media marketing activities
  • How to perform a 10-minute social media audit
  • Effective social automation, listening and customer service
  • Creating a social feedback loop and thriving communities
  • Reverse media outreach, content segmentation and customer journeys

#10. HootSuite Social Media Marketing

HootSuite’s Social Media Marketing certification is a beginner-to-intermediate option, which covers best practices in social media marketing across all of the major social media channels for both B2B and B2C.

After completing the free HootSuite Academy’s Social Marketing Training program course, students have the option of paying for the relatively low-priced certification.

#11. HubSpot Social Media Certification Course

While the social media course is not yet released, HubSpot promised that, at some point in 2018, they would add a social media marketing course and certification to their roster of highly popular courses for digital marketing and demand marketing professionals.

If you are interested, there’s an option to pre-subscribe to be among the first to know – and get certified – the moment the course goes live.

Tactile and Direct Marketing

#12. DMA: Direct Mail Campaigns Course

Tactile marketing methods, such as direct mail, are among the demand generation tactics that are still working best for B2B organizations. When used effectively, thoughtful efforts to connect with customers through tangible marketing can stand out in a world of crowded email inboxes and full voicemail folders.

This affordable course offered by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) is on-demand and focuses on best practices for to B2B marketers of any background.

Topics of discussion include:

  • How to include direct mail within a multichannel marketing environment
  • The attributes of effective direct mail creative
  • Metrics for direct mail performance measurement

Email Marketing

#13. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

According to HubSpot, 2.4 million emails are sent every second worldwide, but most of them are never opened. The HubSpot academy email certification course is designed as a self-serve, free educational tool for marketers from all backgrounds on all aspects of email optimization.

Students can progress through 9 classes at their own pace, which cover topics such as nurturing, design, optimization, deliverability and more. Once the courses are completed, the free certification is received pending the passing of a 60-question quiz.

#14. DigitalMarketer Email Marketing Mastery

This DigitalMarketer course offering, much like their other Mastery courses, is designed as an optimization tool for Demand Generation professionals and B2B professionals who are already using email within their organizations.

According to the certification page,

“As a certified email marketing specialist, you [will be] uniquely qualified to help brands generate more leads, sales and engagement from their customers and subscribers.”

After progressing through the 5 modules and 62 lessons included in this resource, demand marketers will be able to:

  • Perform list hygiene consistently and actively monitor email deliverability
  • Understand optimal email goals and metrics
  • Utilize behavioral psychology and other advanced email copywriting tactics
  • Perform effective email segmentation
  • Storyboard and craft broader email marketing campaigns

Customer Acquisition

#15. DigitalMarketer Customer Acquisition Mastery

Paid traffic can be a profitable tool of highly qualified leads for demand marketers, or it can be an expensive source of dirty data. B2B organizations need scalable traffic campaigns, which often need to include the option of paid traffic.

This advanced, 6-module and 35-lesson online course is designed to produce demand marketers who can demonstrate results in paid traffic, including coursework which focuses on:

  • How to perform root-cause analysis on poorly performing PPC campaigns with flow charts
  • The most important metrics for measuring PPC campaign performance
  • Scaling social media data to PPC campaigns to design high-performance campaigns
  • Time management tactics for designing high-performanceg retargeting and bidding strategies

General Marketing Resources

#16. CMSWire Webinars

Founded in 2003, CMSWire has drawn together some of the best digital marketing leaders in the world to provide in-depth analysis on marketing tactics and channels. Their mission is to inform, inspire and connect digital leaders, which they accomplish through an impressive slate of training webinars.

You can access many of their past webinars on-demand, such as this one from May 2018: The New Age of Content Management: 5 Reasons Your Legacy CMS is Holding you Back, hosted by Caitlin Brown, Senior Manager of Digital Strategy at Walmart and Chad Mitchell, VP at Perfect Sense.

#17. Sirius Decisions

SiriusDecisions was founded in 2001 and has grown from a small office to a global enterprise, fielding best-in-class marketing minds along the way. They know how to deliver results as well, as their clients generated $3.5 Trillion in revenue last year, and grew up to 15X faster than their competitors over a 3-year period.

The best thing about SiriusDecisions is that they have made their training available at an affordable rate, through a program they call, SiriusPathways®.

“SiriusPathways® are high-impact e-learning solutions to skills and training challenges faced by today’s B2B marketing, sales and product teams.”

These e-courses are:

  • Built on the latest SiriusDecisions research and best practices
  • Competency-based learning that affirms previous knowledge
  • Self-paced, asynchronous, always-on adaptive learning for maximum flexibility
  • Scenario-based learning, created by experts so that it’s useful and applicable

#18. MarketingProfs

Last, but not least, is MarketingProfs. They provide some of the best resources for B2B marketers on the web and feature a growing library of online seminars. The seminar library is truly massive and growing all the time. The seminars cover a wide range of relevant topics, 23 in fact, on everything from writing to customer experience and marketing strategy.

MarketingProfs also offers on-demand training and both short and long-form courses. This training is available to large corporations down to small teams and individuals.

Exceptional Demand Generation Training Resources

Demand generation is among the most rapidly-evolving disciplines in modern marketing science.

The most game-changing B2B marketers recognize that there’s no room for a stagnant strategy. They’re committed to continually evolving, trying new tactics and experimenting with new channels. Continual education is a necessity–including consistently learning through blogs, podcasts and fantastic demand generation training resources such as the 17 certification courses, conferences and other opportunities curated above.

To ensure your results don’t fall behind, commit to making sure you continue pushing forward with new information, insight and education from some of the brightest minds in demand marketing today.

How does your demand generation strategy compare to the industry standard for excellence? To comprehensively measure your program and learn opportunities for improvement with 12 interactive worksheets, download the “B2B Demand Marketing Assessment Guide & Orchestration Workbook”.