13 No-Fail Methods to Promote Your B2B PR Content

Is your content getting the reach it deserves? Are enough people seeing it?

With our inboxes flooded seemingly every nano second with content, how do you ensure yours gets seen?

To help you generate the most attention for your content, we’ve created 13 no-fail B2B PR content promotion tips. Ready to learn how to get your B2B company’s content before a wider audience? Read on….

Bring In The Experts

1. Get an Attention-Grabbing Quote From an Influencer

A powerful quote from an industry influencer can make all the difference. Don’t leave this for the last minute. In fact, you’ll need to do your influencer homework. Follow key influencers in your industry on social media, tweeting and retweeting their content, commenting on blog posts and showing your enthusiasm. That way you’re warming up your influencers. Before you even create your content have a clear topic and keyword in mind. Then, message your desired influencer, including the topic you wish to write about, and politely inquire if they would share their point of view in a few sentences. Here’s a template to use:

I am writing an article about (X). From following you on Twitter and reading your blog, I know you have important, insightful opinions on the topic, and I’d like to include a brief quote from you in my piece. I will share the article with you before publishing it on my blog or (X site). I know the article won’t be complete without a brief quote from you!

Kindest regards,

The influencer’s quote can be a game changer. Once you have it, you can build your content, and link the quote to the person’s website or LinkedIn profile. When it is published, email the influencer, thanking him for his contribution and asking him to share it with his followers.

By associating with an industry expert, you give your content added cachet and exposure. Who wouldn’t want that? (For more information on how influencers work, and how you can take advantage of their industry prowess, click here.)

2. Contact Each Person You Quote

This is a good all-around practice anytime you interview, mention, or even link to someone’s content. Make the email short and sweet. Introduce yourself, mention the content you used and how you used it and let the person know you value his/her point of view. This often leads to a share or mention that will give a nice boost to your content.

3. Mention Your Sources When You Share

Once you’ve published your awesome content and shared it on social media, don’t forget to mention or tag the people you’ve quoted. In turn, they will likely share your content, widening your exposure.

4. Reach Out to Those Who Have Published or Linked to Similar B2B Content

In researching your article, you likely saw articles on a similar topic. Copy the URLs from these articles and search for them across multiple sites, such as Twitter, to see who has shared them.

Chances are pretty high that those who have shared similar content will also be interested in your content. Connect with these people via social media or email inviting them to check out your content.

Leverage Social Media

5. Accumulate Excerpts to Disperse Across Social Media

Break your post into smaller snippets, and then share these across multiple channels. These excerpts will whet people’s appetite to see your entire post. You can generate snippets from multiple places within your content. Here are excellent sources for appealing excerpts:

  • Interesting statistics
  • Eye-catching variations of the title
  • A subhead from the content
  • An influencer’s quote

“Social media dovetails nicely with content marketing,because it creates new, low-cost avenues for content promotion.”

-Olsy Sorokina

6. Connect With Influencers

Influencers are hard eggs to crack. They’re busy people, and unless you have an “in,” it’s difficult to even get ahold of them. Services like Rapportive are useful in this area, and take the guesswork out of acquiring contact information.

Plug in some key details about your desired influencer, and Rapportive will give you the person’s email address and even your shared connections on LinkedIn. From here, email the person directly. Alternatively, find and use a shared connection on LinkedIn, request an introduction, and make your move.

7. Post Your Content Several Times

Don’t be afraid to post your content several times on social media. You’re likely to catch some people that missed it the first time around. Try slightly altering the title or using a different image – these changes might appeal to someone who previously scrolled right past the same post.

(Click here for more great insight into leveraging social media while promoting your B2B PR content.)

8. Video’s Vast Appeal

Video is fast becoming king of the content playground. With video, you have access to a completely fresh and new audience. What may come off as boring and inaccessible in print, becomes more engaging in video. You could create a blog post and then transform it into a video. Yet there’s an even more successful approach that many neglect — creating your video content first.

If you begin by creating video content, it’s a lot easier to repurpose it into other sharable content. Here are some of the things you can do once you have your video:

  • Repurpose the audio as a podcast.
  • Repurpose the transcript into a blog post.
  • Make the transcript into a PDF.
  • Extract slides from the video, and make these into a SlideShare.

Another bonus point for video: Google users love it! It won’t necessarily show up high on the results page, but the thumbnail image that Google displays draws many people to click and watch.

9. SlideShares Attract a Distinctive Audience

The primarily visual nature of Slideshares makes this format stand out from the rest. It offers a concise and simplified way of promoting your content, which appeals to a visual-based audience. Using SlideShare also lets you promote your content on the SlideShare community site. From there, you can edit the description to insert links to your content and website. (For more insightful information on how to rock SlideShares in your B2B marketing, click here.)

10. Write an eBook

If your blog post was especially informative and insightful — or if it was part of a series of similarly-themed posts — you can leverage that information to use in an eBook. An eBook helps to boost your position as an authority in your field. It’s also an excellent tool to attract more B2B leads.

Avail Yourself Of Promotional Outlets – Free and Paid

11. Use a Paid Delivery Service

Once you’ve created your content, you can use a paid delivery service, such as StumbleUpon, to grow your audience. With this and like services, you’ll often pay per click.

A word to the wise: readers who use these services are more selective, so choose a post with a clear and captivating title, as well as an intriguing image to reel them in.

12. Dive Into Content Communities

Content communities are a powerful resource — and, added bonus, they’re usually free! We’ve already discussed some community sites for specific content, such as SlideShares. Other great communities to share your content include Blog Engage, BizSugar, and Triberr.

“Though competition for traffic is fierce on popular content communities, if your content is truly outstanding you are likely to see success.” – Arnie Kuenn

Competition for notice on these sites can be extreme, so make sure (like always) that your content is superior. Then, it will garner you the right kind of attention.

13. Use Your Own Website

Your website is a great place to promote your content — but make sure it’s in a place where everybody is going to see it. If you don’t have a section on your site already, create one entitled “Most Popular,” and feature a link to your promoted content right on top.

Discover which pages on your site get the most traffic and social media shares (social crawlytics is a great resource for this). Once you’ve established which are your most popular pages, insert links to your content into the text of the page or feature it on the side or bottom of the page.

You don’t need to do these 13 tips at once. Start with a few and I guarantee you’ll start seeing results. After all, why put effort into creating content if it’s not getting the visibility you want!