Any successful B2B social media plan includes strategies and tactics to forge relationships and build a brand. Building a brand through social strategies doesn’t happen overnight – it requires a sustained commitment using effective strategies for engagement and relationship building.

This holds true when marketers consider building a presence on Twitter – only marketers who use the right strategies build and contribute to lasting social engagements. To understand which strategies attract followers and boost lead generation, consider the following 12 tips for B2B marketers to excel in Twitter:

1. ReTweeting

If something is valuable, marketers should share it – this is what ReTweeting is all about. ReTweeting accomplishes three goals; one, it allows you to share additional relevant information with your followers. Two, it shows respect to the follower you are ReTweeting and three, it exposes the person you’re ReTweeting to your followers, potentially expanding their network. It’s also a good idea to thank followers for ReTweeting your tweets with a simple reply like “Thanks for the RT!”.

2. Reporting news

Today, news moves at the click of a button. When news breaks in the B2B arena, consider sending out updates and insightful information to followers and encourage them to share it with their audience.

3. Original content

One key to B2B social media success is sharing original and insightful information. Sharing content from other B2B sources is a given, but be sure to include links to your own content from newsletters, B2B blogs, white papers and other sources in your tweets.

4. Hashtags

On Twitter, getting your content in front of a particular audience is as simple as a hashtag. Adding a targeted hastag to a message can put that message in front of potential prospect searching for information based on that hashtag. Research tags already in use and utilize them in your B2B social media campaign.

5. Thank you

Although simple, thanking someone for sharing your message goes a long way. As part of a total relationship campaign, share and thank all those who spread your updates.

6. Listening

Understand what’s being said about a brand, service or product by listening on Twitter. Utilize keyword searches and hashtag monitoring to identify and engage with prospects while boosting lead generation through B2B social media.

7. Offline events

This effective way to promote online events works equally for offline events. Utilize Twitter to send out resources and insights to offline events, such as industry and user conferences, before, during and even after.

8. Customer service

Consider using Twitter to answer questions on products and services or customer service issues. Not only does this give customers and prospects faster results, it gives marketers valuable statistics for B2B social media campaign strategies.

9. Keywords

Consider researching keywords relating to a brand, product, and service niche and learn the needs and wants of prospects.

10. Tools

Going beyond the default interface, third party Twitter tools and clients increase productivity, search and other operations. With these tools, you can schedule, import and effectively manage numerous accounts associated with Twitter.

11. Other networks

Powerful B2B social media strategies dictate using multiple networks and tools. Consider integrating other networks and content platforms including: Facebook, B2B blogs and LinkedIn. Some allow automatic or scheduled updates from or to Twitter.

12. Lists

Twitter lists not only give marketers the opportunity to categorize resources within lists, it lets those contacts know the marketer considers them as go-to resources for particular subject matter information.

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