We all know the type of car you drive speaks volumes about you, but your vehicle’s price tag isn’t the only factor that sheds some light on who you are. No matter what you drive, the way you maintain your car – inside and out – gives people some insight into your personality, psychologist and success coach Nicole Cutts says. Whether their assumptions are accurate or not, here’s what impression your car may be giving others about you.

You’re an undisciplined slob. When others ride with you, do you have to take five minutes to clear the passenger seat? Or maybe your trunk is so full of junk that there’s no room for groceries, let alone a suitcase. If your stuff has overtaken your passenger space, you’re leaving the impression that you’re lazy and don’t value your possessions. Is that someone you’d want to ride with?

You’re unprofessional. If your car is just used for pleasure, then disorder might not be such a big deal. But if you’re a Realtor, a sales representative or another type of professional who does business in your car, you could be chasing potential clients away with a car that’s cluttered with paperwork. In a business setting, a messy car gives the impression that you’re not responsible and efficient, professional organizer Alisha Gray-Johnson says. Your mess literally could be costing you money.

You’re unhealthy. If you spend a lot of time in your car, you occasionally may need to eat on the go. But if your car is littered with fast-food bags and empty soda cans, you’re leaving the impression that you’re headed for a coronary. Maybe try littering your car with granola bar wrappers instead.

You have no life. Cleanliness is good, but there can be too much of a good thing. If you’re constantly washing, waxing and detailing your car, someone might think you’re more interested in showing off your vehicle than engaging in life. “Someone overly concerned about always keeping order may not be spending time doing work they need to do,” Cutts says. If you have time to wash your car every day, could it be time to explore a hobby?

You’re broke. We’ve all seen the person who must open the car door at the drive-through because the window won’t roll down. This sends the message that you don’t have money for repairs. While tough financial times can cause you to delay a visit to the repair shop, understand that as long as you’re sporting banged-up wheels, others won’t view you as the epitome of success.

You’re homeless. Do you have eating utensils, a toothbrush and everything but the kitchen sink in your car? While you might think you’re simply being prepared, others may think you’re a hoarder or, worse, homeless. Neither is particularly flattering, so you might want to store some of your things in your home.

You’re paranoid. Having an emergency kit in your car is smart. But if you’ve stockpiled perishable food, water, firewood, medical supplies and ammunition in your trunk, it’s evident that you’re expecting the worst. Do you really think you’ll need all of those supplies in an emergency. And if things get that bad, will your stockpile even matter?

You just don’t care. Is the dust so thick on the outside of your car that someone could write a message in it? Or is your front windshield so dirty or caked with bird poop that you have to squint to see out of it? You may really not care about cleaning your car, but if you care what people think, head over to the car wash pronto.

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