The car we drive says a lot about us – we might not realise it, but our cars are often very good indicators of our personality. Granted, not everyone can be overly selective in their choice these days, but even on a limited budget there is always a car we would never dream of driving – and a car we would love to have.

Your car might just give away more about your personality than you realise – or care to admit! One of the biggest giveaways about the person behind the wheel is the car’s colour. A recent survey has uncovered some interesting attitudes to the most commonly-coloured cars.

Silver: symbolises luxury, elegance and sophistication. People that drive silver cars are perceived as being cool and calm.

Black: symbolises authority and supremacy – probably why most of the BMWs that undertake you are black. Drivers of black cars are believed to suffer the from road rage the quickest!

Blue: drivers of blue cars are thought of as peaceful and serene. Blue denotes contemplation and reflection, and many drivers of blue cars value relationships over money. The colour blue also symbolises conservatism – how many blue cars have you seen pull out without indicating?

Red: the colour of energy, passion and vibrance– red cars are likely to be seen taking control of a situation, so bear that in mind next time you think that red car is giving you right of way! Red stimulates the senses, so drivers in red cars may be more likely to drive quickly.

Green: typically those driving green cars are conscientious and well-balanced. Green symbolises patience and calm, and you might find that drivers of green cars have lots of friends – so look out for them using their mobile! Green car drivers are far less likely to suffer from road rage.

Yellow: fun-loving and exuberant, yellow car drivers are confident and expressive, and are not shy about letting their inner child out to play. Yellow symbolises romanticism, idealism, and a love for innovation. Drivers of yellow cars will either have a Bluetooth headset or a glovebox full of High School Musical CDs.

White: not as clear-cut as some of the other main colours. White car drivers can either be considered as extroverts, or as having a gentle and innocent nature. But it shouldn’t be too hard to work out which of those categories you fall into.

We think these celebrities might be good fits for:

Luxurious Silver Fox
This authoritative chap would drive black
Serenity and Calm – Blue for the Dalai Lama
Known for his passionate outbursts – 100% red
Calmness personified – Green for Morgan
Knows how to throw a party – Yellow and not mellow
Innocent until confronted by the Dark Arts – White

So do you agree? Or disagree? Are you a pleasant and considerate driver of a shiny black Mercedes? Do you love showing off in your silver Audi TT, or have you ever been cut off by a foul-mouthed octogenarian in a little green hatchback? Let us know your thoughts, and remember if you’ve realised that your car gives off entirely the wrong impression, there are always plenty of alternatives at places like Autotrader, or at a reputable car dealership such as

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