It wasn’t that long ago that ‘leasing’ was a bit of a dirty word. Company bosses and employees all thought it better to own a car rather than lease one. However, luckily all that has changed and now company car leasing has become the norm with an increasing number of businesses opting for leasing over outright ownership.

When leasing was still in its infancy, it was difficult to persuade people of the benefits of switching their car to a leased vehicle. The kudos of owning your own car still prevailed extensively, despite the obvious benefits to be had from trading in an owned vehicle to lease one instead. However, once people had come to terms with the fact that leasing simply meant a different way of driving, it went from strength to strength.

It’s difficult to come up with many negatives aspect to company car leasing – indeed this is why more and people are choosing to lease vehicles. Once you work out the figures and think through all the advantages to driving a leased vehicle, it makes perfect sense to switch. And now, there are so many options available with such a variety of terms that it’s a really flexible way to run a car. For example, you can upgrade you vehicle on an annual basis, without having to worry about deflation in its valuation – the bane of every car owner’s life. You can switch to an entirely new make or model of car, safe in the knowledge that, should it require repairs, your leasing package will cover it.

You can choose a package that deals with all the extra costs of running a car, so that you know exactly how much your vehicle is going to cost you every month and, petrol aside – this amount won’t change. So, no nasty surprises in the form of repair bills or costly premiums for other aspects of the car – what you’re quoted is what you’ll pay. In the current economic climate, people like to keep a firmer grip on their finances and it can be reassuring to have set costs in place every month. It’s easier to plan financially and to work around other bills and expenses if there are some definite figures in place.

Company car leasing is the ideal way to get employees on the road for a reasonable cost. And you don’t need to sign up to a whole fleet of cars: with many leasing companies you can lease just one vehicle and the terms can be very favourable when you factor in wear and tear, vehicle depreciation, road tax and other sundries that need to be taken into account if you own your own car. Leasing is the economical way to make your business mobile, which is why so many companies are switching their fleet to leased rather than owned. If you haven’t looked into leasing yet, then now’s the time to get a quote and see how it compares to the running costs of your own car.

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