Fuel prices are continuing to soar. When people are looking for a new car, or to trade in their old one, saving on fuel is becoming a more popular option. We all need more green in our wallets. Going green is also an attractive option for people who enjoy helping the environment. Those who want to save our cities from massive fog clouds, or make sure animals can grow up healthy, and not become polluted by sea and air. Which is what our big, bad gasoline guzzling vehicles try to destroy on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for a new Fiat, Smart Car, or Volkswagen; this graphic has got the top 10 most economical cars in the UK.

Mini cars are all the rage right now, just ask the Italians with their Fiats, and Americans with their Smart Cars. Hybrid and smaller cars get better gas mileage than their solely fossil fuel wasting counterparts, and city living is where these cars really shine. With their compact size, and ability to park almost anywhere – they can’t be beat.

For starters, these smaller cars are a cheaper price point from the very beginning, making them an even sweeter deal . You just have to make sure you take two cars when you go on a weekend trip, since there isn’t much room for luggage and anything more than 2 passengers in many of them.

Awesome gas mileage isn’t the only thing these cars are good for. These machines are getting fiercer as well, and some models can be turned into the transport dream machine you’ve always wanted. If you want to own a wicked Smart Car, you can transform it with the new BRABUS Sport Package, so you can make a statement and show that your mini vehicle is sportier than the rest.

These following cars are tops in the UK for being the most green and fuel-efficient cars on the road. Read on to learn just how green and fuel-efficient each car is.

via: Confused