car-rivalriesThere have been countless collisions in the history of motoring, and we’re not talking the road traffic accident type. Rivalries are rife in the world of motoring – all it takes is a preliminary glance at the different fuel cards available as a perfect example of how this is true. Here are some of the other most passionately fuelled dramas between both manufacturers and drivers.

Ferrari vs Ford

For longer than any other manufacturer cares to remember, Ferrari was the pinnacle of motor success. As the one to beat in sports car racing, it left countless other motoring brands trailing behind in its tracks. Sick of eating the dust from the famous horse’s hooves, Henry Ford II, heir to the Ford crown and a motorsport enthusiast, tried to join them – by buying them out. After leading Henry on, it transpired Enzo Ferrari was having none of it.  Ford was then left with no choice but to beat them, so they dreamt up just the car to do it – the Ford GT40. This model has now become the stuff of legends, having succeeded in putting Ferrari in their place and knocking them off the highest podium block.

Mercedes vs BMW vs Audi

These three have been engaged in a never-ending race to the pinnacle of innovation for as long as we can remember. It’s no surprise really – they appeal to the same market, all provide luxury vehicles at the height of sophistication, each has had a taste of success in the world of motorsport, and they’re all German. Mercedes is king of technology and gadgetry and has a status as the leader of luxury; BMW are winners in the speed stakes when it comes to making domestic cars quick – think M5 and M3 models; and Audi established 4WD, now used across the vehicle board – so it’s a tight one to call. However, this competition can only be a good thing, surely resulting in some cracking cars being produced by all while trying to outdo each other. We can’t wait to see what they unveil in the future.

Senna Vs Prost

The legend of Ayrton Senna is still kept alive even now, not only by those who remember his racing, but also by the popular docufilm that was made of his extraordinary racing career. Also starring in this motor-movie is Alain Prost, Senna’s renowned and undeniably talented antagonistic peer. Ever since the pair shared a track for the first time in ’84, sparks flew – both of literal and figurative kind. So, put them both together in the same team, as happened four years later, and you can imagine the storms that began to brew. Although both driving for McLaren, the pair were out for personal glory and were far from what you could call team-mates. Clashes occurred on the track as well as off, and collisions between the two were not uncommon. In 1988, Senna took the top spot on the podium, but Prost triumphed after the ensuing season of road rage and rivalry. Eventually, Prost left the team and moved on to Ferrari, but neither left the feud behind them. Each year the mental and physical battle between the two was clear to behold in the racing coverage, which documented Senna’ victories in ’90 and ’91, and Prost’s in ’93. When Senna was involved in a fatal collision in Imola the year after Prost’s triumph, the rivalry was put to bed unresolved.