Hatchbacks are the type of car that strike a rare balance: form and function happily coexist together. On the one hand, they’re often the choice of buyers who want a sportier-looking car than a traditional coupe or sedan. On the other, a hatchback’s folding rear seats offer more rear storage space and accessibility than the average car’s trunk. Plus, they’re known to have a higher resale value than their counterparts.

With those benefits in mind, shoppers might have a hard time choosing the right one, since there are so many options on the market to choose from. AxleGeeks rounded up some of the best 2016 hatchbacks that have just hit showroom floors, ranked by price.

#15. 2016 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo: $60,900

The Gran Turismo is proof that a hatchback doesn’t always need to be an economy car. As the hatch version of the automaker’s midsize 5 Series, it’s adequately priced per other luxury sedans, at $60,900. Luckily, its hatch trunk doesn’t detract from its German styling, adding a utilitarian flair to a car that blends performance, looks and ruggedness in one.

#14. 2016 Ford Focus Electric: $29,170

Compared to other compact hatchbacks, the Focus Electric is $5,400 more; within its own lineup, it’s about $12,000 more than a base-level Focus. So how does this more expensive car become the more affordable option? In fuel economy, of course — its electric power earns a combined gas mileage of 105 mpg. That’s up to 75 percent more than competing vehicles.

The Focus Electric isn’t the roomiest when it comes to cargo, but lift the hatch, fold back the rear seats, and you’ll get just under 34 cubic feet of space.

#13. 2016 Ford Focus ST: $24,425

The Focus ST is one of a few cars synonymous with the term “hot hatch”: small, compact hatchbacks infused with performance-oriented enhancements and power. Up against rival compacts — and even its own lower-model Focus — the ST leaves the rest in the dust, producing 73 more horsepower at 252 HP.

Shy of $25,000, you won’t be paying a bit extra just for the oomph. The ST provides an impressively ample amount of cargo space under its rear hatch; at 44.8 cubic feet (with seats folded down), it’s a 5.8-percent advantage over competing hatchbacks, 35 percent over all others on the market.

#12. 2016 MINI Cooper Paceman: $23,550

The Paceman is just one of eight different trim levels on the retro-styled sport compact, this MINI Cooper’s $23,550 MSRP goes a long way considering its suite of premium features.

A sports suspension option is available at no extra cost, and rear seating and cargo space are generous, with 38.1 cubic feet of room with the back seats down.

#11. 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV: $22,995

Rivaling the Focus Electric in fuel savings, Mitsubishi’s electric-powered i-MiEV boasts better fuel economy at a lower sticker price. At a combined 114 mpg, that’s 82 mpg more than competing vehicles, at nearly $1,500 cheaper than the Focus.

The i-MiEV’s hatch space is average for its class, but opens up room with the rear seats down. Its 50.4 cubic feet, on the average, is 7.7 feet more than other compacts.

#10. 2016 MINI Cooper 4-Door: $21,700

The second of three MINI Coopers on this list, the four-door variant of the compact boasts the most cargo space: 13.1 cubic feet standard. Consumers will be hard pressed to argue with its fuel economy and sticker price: at 34 mpg and $21,700, it’s a MINI with major savings potential.

#9. 2016 MINI Cooper 2-Door: $20,700

If you prefer two doors to four, you’ll save $1,000 on the MSRP by choosing the coupe-styled MINI hatchback, for a sleeker, sportier look. Compared to the four-door MINI, not much else differs — horsepower and fuel economy are the same. But sacrificing those rear doors also means reducing the amount of backseat space and storage room allotted.

#8. 2016 Mazda3 i Sport: $19,595

Mazda’s compact has an impressive pedigree, lending itself to a number of variations. The automaker gave it the Mazdaspeed, treatment to the delight of performance enthusiasts. Then there’s the five-door i Sport hatchback, another smart choice for buyers looking for a base Mazda3 with affordable, sporting pretensions and pragmatic utility.

The first on this list under the $20,000 mark, the i Sport impresses with a zippy 155 HP and 47.1 complete cubic feet in the rear.

#7. 2016 Scion tC: $19,385

It’s called a coupe and looks like a coupe, but the tC is actually a hatchback that combines handling, economy, looks and function. Channeling the memory of the Celica, Scion’s two-door tC is a veritable steal at $19,385 and offers 179 HP, impressive for a standard four-cylinder engine.

Rear hatch space, while not quite on the level of other compacts, is still on par for storing an assortment of cargo, at 14.7 cubic feet.

#6. 2016 Ford Focus SE: $19,015

For motorists who don’t need the track-driven aspirations of the ST, the Focus SE is a simple, cost-effective and practical option if the Blue Oval is your manufacturer of choice. All around, the advantages of this hatchback are evident: it’s over $4,700 cheaper than competing compacts, with a combined 31 mpg that gets your money’s worth in gas mileage. The Focus also boasts 23.8 cubic feet more trunk space, a 5.8 percent advantage over other sport compacts.

#5. 2016 Hyundai Elantra GT: $18,800

The last few years have seen Hyundai come neck and neck with Japanese automakers, as the Korean manufacturer’s improvements in quality, build, performance and reliability make it a brand worth considering.

In the Elantra’s case, it remains one of the top 20 best selling cars this year, and who can argue? Its affordable sticker price and ample trunk space (23 cubic feet) make it a budget-conscious, practical option. We think that the hatchback version of the Elantra is also one of the most head-turning four-door compacts on the road, imbuing sporty appeal in all the right places.

#4. 2016 Scion iM: $18,460

The iM sits squarely between the SUV-like proportions of the xM and the sporty pretensions of the tC in the Scion lineup. Can it be called a compromise of the two? Very likely, where compact cars are concerned.

It has the affordability factor ($5,300 cheaper than rival small cars); better fuel economy (two more mpg on the whole); and a lightweight curb frame for nimble, agile handling, even with the rear hatch filled to the brim. Speaking of which, the iM’s 20.8 cubic feet of trunk space is 3.1 cubic feet more than other 2016 hatchbacks.

#3. 2016 Honda Fit LX: $15,790

When the Civic isn’t compact enough, Honda lovers can go for the Fit, a subcompact hatchback that’s as smart, affordable and reliable as its automaker’s reputation demands.

The Fit’s four-door hatchback styling lends itself to accommodating a total 52.7 cubic feet of space with the rearmost seats folded. For a car that’s only 160 inches long, that seems almost too good to be true. It’s not: The Fit has more than a 23 percent advantage in storage space over other subcompacts.

#2. 2016 Kia Rio LX: $15,495

Kia’s dependable subcompact, the Rio, is a no-frills, reliable entry into the growing automaker’s family of cars. At $15,495, the LX four-door hatchback is just a step above the base Rio sedan. The LX hatchback is also $3,770 cheaper — a 20-percent savings margin — than other comparable subcompacts.

The Rio is small, yet roomy all at once; fold the seats down, and 49.8 cubic feet of rear cargo space can hold just about any piece of luggage, parcel or personal effects — 17 percent more than the average.

#1. 2016 Ford Fiesta S: $14,880

For affordability and a name you can depend on, the Ford Fiesta hatchback makes No. 1 on our list. Borrowers with a modest down payment and good credit can finance this $14,880 car on a very manageable budget, and save on gas in the process.

The Fiesta is typical in terms of fuel efficiency, earning 32 combined mpg. While cargo space doesn’t surpass the average, the Fiesta’s 14.9 cubic feet of room is enough to stow away whatever your quick trip or daily needs require

Compare 2016 Hatchbacks

Below is an overview of the 2016 hatchbacks covered in this list. Whatever your price point, there is a hatchback that offers utility to support whatever adventures await you.