Coming off the coattails of our Automotive Sector report, we’ve been fueling up on car facts. At Brandwatch we love gadgets, and new technology- so it was no surprise our conversations came to a haul around recent car technology advancements.

With smartphones’ increasing popularity in recent years people have been constantly tweeting, Facebooking, emailing as well as texting and calling while on the go. With so many people commuting to work, it was inevitable that these habits would start to occur whilst driving. This didn’t bode well for safe driving.

Thus was born an era of mobile syncing. Making it a seamless transition for those individuals addicted to conversing while behind the wheel.

Both Ford and Chrysler were early adopters in the hands free calling roll out. That has only escalated into further advancements by Chrysler in collaboration with Sprint. The manufacturers Uconnect in-car data allows Wi-Fi access for more hands off driving. Ford isn’t far off with similar features in their models with, Sync, powered by Microsoft.

With all this new technology, what does the landscape look like for future new car gadgets? We still have our money on floating cars in the future… But, in the mean time we’ve put together a list of top five note worthy car innovations.

1/ Autonomous Driving:

It was only a matter of time when we wouldn’t even need to be behind the wheel to navigate a car. Volvo had the first successful attempt in combining autonomous cars and V2V communications, culminating in a 200-kilometer drive on a public roadway.

2/ Goodyear Making Soy Tires:

The popularity of green cars is now being echoed in the tires that support them. Goodyear is working on a technology that can help make tires not only less expensive but longer lasting using, you guessed it, soybeans!

3/ Audi Makes Digital Rearview Mirror:

We’ve seen similar rearview mirrors before, but Audi is now speeding past the bunch with their controlled software that prevents dazzle from car headlights behind them.

4/ GM Uses Wi-Fi to Avoid Pedestrians:

It is a double edge sword when talking on the phone in or out of the car. Either way you look at it it’s unsafe. GM has created software using Wi-Fi that would pick up phone signals from pedestrians on the street. Prompting the car to break even if the drive is unaware of Mr Talkative.

5/ OnStar Now Ready for Car-Sharing:

Owners of cars equipped with OnStar will now get a little extra gas money. Recent collaboration with the car sharing service RelayRides allows members to use their smartphones to unlock participating GM vehicles.

What noteworthy car news have you seen lately? We would love to hear about it. Tweet us at @Brandwatch.